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[2000-05-11-IWRG] Kennichiro Arai & Susumu Mochizuki vs Guerra C3 & Galaxia R2


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The Star Wars inspired team is hilarious. I also enjoy the symmetry of life that I am watching this on May 4. The Toryumon contingent is the rudos here. The C3PO vs Arai segment was fine but things really pick up in the first fall between Susumu and R2D2. Rudos are able to put the match away with some double team moves and a splash from Arai followed by a nice powerbomb by Susumu. Watching the frantic pace of CMLL and AAA, it is refreshing to see this type of match in lucha that takes it time and lets the younger guys work out some things. Second fall has some good dominance by the rudos until the tecnicos make their big flash comeback and are able to take the fall. Third fall kind of follows a similar structure as Susumu looks to have the match won but gets rolled up. Solid stuff all around and again just the absurdity of the Star Wars gimmicks plus the contrast to the other lucha we have watched make this more enjoyable overall. ***1/4

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Well IWRG currently has a group of Ninja turtles wrestling so I figure they would have star wars guys This started out clunky with the guys being on seperate pages but got better as it went on. You can tell the Japanese guys have potential especially as rudos. Nothing earth shattering happened but it's nice to see indie lucha like this compared to the big 2.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-05-11-IWRG] Kennichiro Arai & Susumu Mochizuki vs Guerra C3 & Galaxia R2

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