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[2000-05-11-IWRG] Mike Segura & Fantasy & Star Boy & Ciclon Ramirez vs Mega & Super Mega & Alan Stone & Moto Cross


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I need a breather after the previous Villano and Guapos trios. This has a ton of guys I am not that familiar with so much like the Safari and Zumbido stuff we have seen in CMLL, this is a good chance to see a bunch of the lower level guys in IWRG. Another longish first fall with everyone able to work out some stuff and showcase some matwork. Certainly solid stuff and I like the Mega’s outfit. A crazy move is attempted and nearly pulled off beautiful of one of the Mega guys standing on the apron and someone jumping over him from the top of the ropes and hooking him with a head scissors to the floor. Tilt a whirl backbreaker on the outside as well. Overall, this wouldn’t make you think anyone here is a blow away star but it is a fun 15 minutes that helps keep the show moving along. **1/2

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That is one hell of a tecnico team. Mike Segura who is a nutty flyer, the future Sensei of CMLL known as Fantasy in IWRG and the legendary Ciclon Ramirez. Fun match with lots of dives and the rudos playing base for those dives really well. Poor Megas taking awful bumps. it's weird to have all these dives happening and the best dive guy in lucha at the time, Ciclon doesn't do one.

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This was a fun match. There was a lot more rudo work than I was expecting and that made the tecnico work at the end all the more satisfying. I was looking forward to seeing Mike Segura, who was a super talented worker, but he only got one chance to shine here and it was kind of an awkward spot. I loved the dissension between the rudo team and the two teams fighting at the end. Cicion Ramirez had a strange career and is perhaps the oddest guy to see pop up on tape in 2000.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-05-11-IWRG] Mike Segura & Fantasy & Star Boy & Ciclon Ramirez vs Mega & Super Mega & Alan Stone & Moto Cross

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