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[2017-04-30-Stardom] Io Shirai vs Hana Kimura


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Considering that this match was getting the most buzz before this show, it's surprising how little talk there has been about it since it was a damn good match. Fun spot at the start as Io almost eliminates Hana while she was posing. After that, this is pretty much a seven-ish minute display on why Io is so great right now. Hana more than holds up her end, which was impressive given she hasn't even worked for a full year yet. A great short match. ***3/4

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Cinderella Tournament 2017 First Round: Hana Kimura vs. Io Shirai


No sexy pose from Io Shirai. What a shame. The atmosphere of this match feels different from the previous matches, the crowd is hot with anticipation. Hana-chan gains a ton of momentum behind her dropkicks and boots, and Io bumped good as usual. The dragon screws from Io were sold as viciously as they looked, and she starts to devastate the limb, turning an ankle lock into a vicious cradle pin. The close-calls were intense and the crowd was going bonkers at possibility of Hana eliminating Io. The panic of Hana when Io catches her injured leg for a dragon screw between the ropes was sheer awesomeness. ****

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  • GSR changed the title to [2017-04-30-Stardom] Io Shirai vs Hana Kimura

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