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[2000-05-14-BJW] Zandig vs Tomoaki Honma


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Unique visuals outside with the subway coming by. This starts on top of a truck and then the trucks goes into reverse to the ring with both guys on the roof. Honma takes a bump into the ring and then Zandig splashes him from the truck. Wifebeater is around with his weedeater chasing the patrons. Honma takes over and then does a big running splash from the truck. A huge table pyramid gets set up that eventually Honma gets placed on. Zandig scales the table as Wifebeater lights a couple of the tables. Zandig does a big splash through that and then does his MFing Bomb in the ring for the win. Zandig matches live and die by how stupid and unique they are and this was both at points so it was on the higher end of his spectrum. **3/4

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