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[2000-05-15-WWF-Raw] The Rock vs Chris Benoit (Submission)


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HBK starts off Raw with a promo. He talks about his promotion and even name drops TWA. He says however the thing he is most proud of is his wife Rebecca and son Cameron. As a result of not being able to fully invest in his duties, he is resigning as Commissioner. He does however want to be the referee Sunday for the iron man match. We get a clip of him screwing the Rock on SmackDown in August and out comes Vince. They do a good bit of recon ensuring Shawn is a face by Vince getting in his face and getting shoved down.


HBK leaves as the rest of the regime arrives. We get another long form promo. The promo from HHH was fine but this felt too much like the traditional 20 minute open of Raw that we are used to and burned out on now. I did think Rock’s promo was one of the better ones he has done this year in being about the match and the build instead of joking with the crowd.


The match is interesting. These two don’t really mix up all that much and after this I am really looking forward to Fully Loaded. Rocks busts out a cross armbreaker and a figure four to really show versatility that your aren’t used to. Benoit is great as usual at leading the pace and keeping things going along when he is on offense. HHH drags Benoit to the ropes on the figure four and Benoit locks on the crossface and Vince reinacts Montreal in a move that is getting too played out already. If they let this go, why not do it for the championship. Jericho comes out and I think it is a really smart move that they still have untraditional pairings of Jericho and HHH and Rock and Benoit. Rock gives Benoit a Rock Bottom as Jericho has the walls on HHH. DX runs in but here are the Dudley’s to even it back up. Now we have Rock and HHH going at it and HHH gets Rock Bottomed through the table. Great go home segment. ***

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Benoit and the Rock have great chemistry for two guys as different as it could be (for 2000 WWF, that is). The go home segment at the end is really great as it not only builds the Judgement Day but also takes a look for the further future (HHH vs. Jericho continued).

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Rock Bottom! Rock Bottom! Rock Bottom! Anytime JR loses his voice on a broadcast it must be a pretty good episode of RAeW. There are a few too many allusions to Montreal in this booking but I guess only a few years had passed. The Rock and Benoit have good chemistry in the ring but this match was never about the Rock and Benoit. There's some other kind of match coming up with some sort of special guest referee. I didn't quite catch it ;) This was another strong go-home segment making me wonder if that was the WWF's forte in 2000. 

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