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[2000-05-18-IWRG] Ciclon Ramirez & Super Calo & Black Dragon vs Shima Nobunaga & Dr Cerebro & Bombero Infernal


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It is nice that with Toryumon taking a break, we are still getting to see CIMA do some great work in Mexico. Here he is a strict rudo like in Crazy Max and leads his team IMO from a cheating and overall work stand point. Cool to see Super Calo as I have always liked his look. Ciclon showed he still had a little left in the tank in the second fall as he really went after Cerebro perhaps setting up a singles match down the road. I don’t believe I have seen Black Dragon before but he was fine here if not too spectacular. Bombero just wastes Calo with a clothesline after he dances around in a funny moment. Finish is fun with CIMA in a surfboard and when he gets released from that, he slams his neck over the top rope. We get a crowd shot of someone holding a baby in almost the exact same manner as I was holding my newborn son while watching this match. Third fall has more brawling and things opening up. They have done a good job sustaining the heat and the finale occurs with a race back to the ring with the tecnicos making it for the countout win. Sort of a cheap win but one you don’t see often so it worked. Good, longform lucha trios. ***1/4

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Seeing Cima and Super Calo work together is a treat. Calo could still go and Cima is pretty much game for anything. The head scissors to the outside by Calo on Cima in the third fall was sick. However, my favorite part of this match was Cerebro and Ramirez. Just crisp wrestling and a crazy dive into the crowd by Ciclon in the third. Long but fun match.

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The best thing about this match was that it furthered a feud. Trios matches that further a feud tend to have stronger narratives than your typical trios match. In this case, the feud in question was Ciclon Ramirez vs. Dr. Cerebro, a feud that began when Ramirez shoved Cerebro at the end of the Ultimo Vampiro title fight. Ramirez was tremendous in this as the sleazy washed up vet in a tiny televised indy fed still having a point to prove against the rudo champion. I don't know if this ever materialised into a singles match but their exchanges here were as good as anything in the Atlantis/Villano or Satanico/Tarzan Boy feuds for my money. Ramirez gave a throwback performance to his younger days where he was every bit as slick as masked tecnicos like Solar or Atlantis and Cerebro gave as good a Wagner impersonation as you could imagine. Everyone else was good in their roles as second and third string parts w/ Black Dragon providing the dive of the night. Classic old-school trios wrestling.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-05-18-IWRG] Ciclon Ramirez & Super Calo & Black Dragon vs Shima Nobunaga & Dr Cerebro & Bombero Infernal

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