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[2000-05-19-CMLL] Villano III & Perro Aguayo vs Mascara Ano 2000 & Pierroth Jr


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A pretty boss cowboy hat and leather coat combo for Ano 2000. This is really like the old pissed off lads of CMLL battling each other. Villano still seems to be the focal point of the whole promotion in a lot of ways as he gets a promo on his way to the ring. Perro does as well and we see just how awful his forehead looks from a career of blading. Right on cue, Perro is busted open 1 minute into this match. He gets beat on for a while until Villano bails him out. Villano comes in with a fury and they take the first fall. Second fall is more of the same until the ref gets bumped and Perro gets fouled by Ano. That looks like a win for the rudos but the referee that was knocked out saw the foul and the tecnicos are awarded the match. The battle continues after the match as Perro gets slammed into the chairs and beat up on. I have really enjoyed the old legends of CMLL battling it out. ***

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I think Perro starts bleeding for even getting hit. This was like one of those old man duels where everyone is drunk and just beating each other up. Pierroth is great at this type of match. Mascara gets hit with a blatant low blow and Villano is just beating the rudos up. Not much to say about this but worth watch if you like the guys.

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I thought they could have done a bit more with this. After the amazing electrocution angle, I've developed a taste for edgier brawls in CMLL but they didn't do much with the falls and the brawling was pretty mediocre. Perro continues to look geriatric. He has the odd flurry where the fire is still there but he has a hard time moving about. I remember that Eduardo and I loved his apuesta match with Universo 2000 when we watched it together but watching him week to week is wiping away any illusions I had about that match.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-05-19-CMLL] Villano III & Perro Aguayo vs Mascara Ano 2000 & Pierroth Jr

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