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[2000-05-19-IPW-May Massacre] Scoot Andrews vs Ric Blade vs Jet Jaguar


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Jaguar gets knocked out of the way at first allowing Scoot and Blade to do some chain wrestling that looked pretty good. Jet then jumps in and Scott gets double teamed. It looks like they are wrestling in a barn. The three way spots work pretty well here with all the guys executing their indy riffic spots cleanly and in some innovative ways. Some of the more clichéd moves include an assisted suplex and powerbombs. This is the most crisp Blade’s striking has looked. The valet for Jaguar jumps on Blade and then Blade’s valet gets in the ring for a catfight in the lamest portion of the match. Scoot’s finisher still looks insane as he wastes Jet with it. A table gets inserted again providing some of the worst tropes of early 2000’s indy wrestling. A run in continues that with the referee looking right at it. That puts Scoot on the table and then Blade from the legit roof comes flying into the screen. Jaguar sneaks the pin and wins. Pretty fun 3 way. **1/2

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Who knows where they found this building to run in but it's so damn Indie I love it. Scoot and Blade work together surprisingly well early in the match. Chad's right about the valet catfight. Shorty might be one of the most useless valet's in wrestling. The finish is nuts with Blade doing a dive off the balcony or roof and Jaguar stealing the pin. Good for a 1PW match.

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‘Honest’ Eddie Edwards officiating again and hopefully he doesn’t repeat his performance from last month. Jaguar is accompanied by Sir Ronald J. Niemi again along with a valet called Gabrielle, while Blade has Shorty in his corner. Niemi cuts a promo that you can’t fully make out, but he calls the audience “leather wearing faggots” and references Tyree Pride, Tony Atlas and Mark Lewin. Blade attacks Scoot from behind and nails him with some pretty flimsy looking kicks. Nice escape out of a wristlock, but Scoot then rolls him up off a hammerlock and Jaguar is forced to break up the pin. It looks like he and Blade are going to work together, until Ric quickly double crosses him. Andrews with a dropkick to Blade and a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker on Jet. He ducks under a Blade spinning heel kick, but then telegraphs a backdrops and Jaguar drops him with a DDT. Tornado DDT to Scoot, however Blade is over and the pair of them counter the attempt into a sit-out powerbomb on Jet. ‘Rude Awakening’ neckbreaker by Scoot to Blade as he’s sat on the top turnbuckle. Jaguar with a lariat followed by a frog splash, but Blade is back to his feet to put a stop to the count. Superplex on Scoot, and another cool little three person move as Jet gets under Blade and powerbombs him as he’s delivering the superplex. As Blade beats on Jaguar in the corner and with the official having no luck in getting him to break, Gabrielle gets in the ring and jumps on his back, which in turn brings in Shorty to help her man. We get a really uninspired looking catfight as Jet and Blade stop their fighting to watch the women, while the crowd chants “show us your tits” at them. They eventually kinda just stop and Scoot with a double Russian legsweep to his opponents. That awesome ‘pumphandle driver’ to Jet, and Scoot sets up a table that Blade had just slid into the ring. Niemi gets involved and clocks Andrews over the back with his briefcase and he happens to ‘collapse’ perfectly onto the table. Blade with a ‘swanton’ from the balcony or higher (he just literally falls from the ceiling!) putting him through the table, but Jet is the one who crawls over to make the cover while Ric is recovering and gets the win to retain his IPW title.


As I was watching this I was thinking how Ric Blade appeared to have reigned it in here, then he goes and does that nutty ‘swanton’ from who knows where! This wasn’t perfect by any means, but it didn’t overstay its welcome and there was some cool stuff in there like the three person spots. I actually thought Blade worked better with Jaguar (despite that nice opening wristlock sequence) as Scoot and Blade looked clunky at times. The catfight was terrible and the sole reason that Jaguar now had this valet seemed to be so it would give Shorty something to do for a change. The finish was really contrived, and whilst I can live with the blatant interference by Niemi (Edwards was the ref after all and although he called this down the middle, last time we saw him he was associated with Sir Ronald), Scoot falling perfectly on the table and Blade just leaving the action after he’d slid it into the ring (not even setting it up) to climb to wherever was stretching kayfabe a bit.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-05-19-IPW-May Massacre] Scoot Andrews vs Ric Blade vs Jet Jaguar

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