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[2017-05-03-Stardom] Kairi Hojo vs Toni Storm


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Even though both women have titles at this time, this is a non-title match. The opening to this has some really good matwork as Hojo goes all shootstyle to try and counter Storm's British style. Things take a different turn in the middle of the match when Storm goes after Hojo with her butt attacks so Hojo decides to start working over her butt. This isn't a comedy spot, Hojo legitimately works over Storm's butt like it's her arm or back. It's weird. Still, if you get past that awkwardness, the rest of the match is really well worked. The nearfalls leading up to the draw are well worked but at fifteen minutes it is a bit short. ***1/2

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Kairi Hojo vs. Toni Storm


Hojo says she knows Storm's weakness in the pre-match promo. Storm is the unbreakable Kiwi of Steel, but every final boss has their weak spot, and so, Hojo goes to work on Storm's butt. There's rapid-fire chops, a running dropkick, an octopus hold with spanking; this is a stellar ass-targeting workover. Storm makes the comeback, hitting her spike piledriver, but her injured butt prevents her from making the cover and the match ends in a timeout draw. ***3/4

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  • GSR changed the title to [2017-05-03-Stardom] Kairi Hojo vs Toni Storm

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