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[2000-05-25-WWF-Smackdown] Eddy Guerrero & Chyna vs Edge & Christian


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I guess Eddy and Chyna are full fledged babyfaces now answering the challenge of E&C here. I like the blue Guerrero tights along with Edge’s. After dogging Eddy for his Judgment Day performance, he is more energetic here and is FIP for E&C for a minute. Chyna gets the hot tag and gives a couple of good powerbombs to E&C. She actually looks less clunky versus these two than with anyone else I can remember. The crowd is popping for it and I don’t think it utilized crowd sweetening. Edge gets in a spear on Chyna and they get a DQ after a pretty weak shove. Eddy and Chyna clean house to finish off this fun segment. **

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Earlier in the night Edge & Christian issued an open challenge to any team in the WWF that they hadn’t already beaten. Christian says how they’re severely lacking in competition and wondered whatever happened to the Moondogs? As they ponder how many Doinks there are and whether that includes Dinks, the challenge is answered by Eddy Guerrero and Chyna. Eddy takes Edge down, scrapes his boot across his face and then tags in Chyna for a double suplex. Slingshot senton by Guerrero, and as Christian has his back to the action arguing with the crowd, he dropkicks him sending him crashing to the arena floor. Belly to back suplex on Edge for two. He reverses the Irish whip and Christian pulls down the top rope causing Eddy to tumble over it and to the outside. Eddy counters the attempted powerbomb with a sunset flip and hits a neckbreaker. Hot tag to Chyna who drops the champs with forearms. Powerbomb on Christian. Edge looks for the Scott Steiner-style frankensteiner, but she counters that with a great sit-out powerbomb, forcing Christian to break up the pin in order to save his partner. Double low blow, handspring elbow to Christian, she goes to repeat it on Edge, but he levels her with a spear after the cartwheel. Christian tosses Eddy out of the ring to the floor and a double team side slam on Chyna. As the pair of them continue to beat on her, Edge gives referee Jimmy Korderas a shove and that’s enough for the DQ. Eddy comes to his partner’s aid and they clear the ring of the champions.


I’ve been critical of Chyna in what I’ve seen of her during this project, but it’s fair to say the best part of the match was after Eddy’s hot tag and she’s taking it to Edge & Christian. Her forearms looked good for a change and the frankensteiner into a sit-out powerbomb and spear spots were tremendous. A hot crowd too who were super into her and everything she did.

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