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[2000-05-25-IWRG] Dr Cerebro & Kung Fu Jr & Bombero Infernal vs Mike Segura & Super Calo & Ciclon Ramirez


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Some good mid card lucha again. Segura was the standout for me as he dives around in the third fall in beautiful ways springboarding off the ropes. Infernal is also strong on the rudo side with shrot punches and strikes that are compact and violent. Ciclon looked like his age was starting to get to him and I didn’t see much from Kung Fu jr. on the rudo side. The finish was exciting as it was a clean rudo victory which we haven’t seen much from this year. ***

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This was traditional trios wrestling with a lot of classic elements to it. The heat seems to have moved away from Ciclon vs. Cerebro toward Ciclon vs. Bombero Infernal but it was cool to see them work a classic lead-in match with their beef being at the forefront of the match. Ciclon looks like a middle-aged frontman from some band that was big in the 80s but his sleazy look fits the surroundings and I was impressed by his swank tecnico work. There was a time when he could have been the next Atlantis, IMO. That obviously didn't happen but his dives remain a thing of beauty and I definitely want to see him put that greasy hair on the line.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-05-25-IWRG] Dr Cerebro & Kung Fu Jr & Bombero Infernal vs Mike Segura & Super Calo & Ciclon Ramirez

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