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[2000-05-27-TWA-Del Rio, TX] American Dragon vs D-Lo Brown


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Easy to compare Spanky and Dragon and who is looking the best so far but tonight the choice was easy. D-Lo is probably a better worker that Chulo but not by an extraordinary amount. This match had a much clearer face/heel structure and Danielson worked well to show himself looking competent vs D-Lo while also building up sympathy during his heat segment even though Brown was much larger. I think Dragon has grown by leaps and bounds even since January and this was another notch on his belt as he looked credible in there with a former IC champion from WWF. ***1/4

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This was a good match that told a pretty good basic story. There was some good selling from D-Lo here as Dragon worked on his leg. I think the area where Dragon has improved the most so far this year is in his confidence. He looks a lot more comfortable in the ring here working as a heel.



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Quick pre-match promo from Danielson who says that tonight he has the biggest break of his career, wrestling a WWF superstar by the name of D-Lo Brown. He wants the people to be quiet so he can concentrate, but you know how that ends up! Just like last night D-Lo is over huge again with the fans here in Del Rio. He tells Dragon that his developmental deal and that crappy little promo absolutely suck, before the two of them get the match underway. Danielson tries to wrestle his way out of a wristlock, but every time he looks like he might’ve managed it, D-Lo decks him with a big right hand. After a knife edge chop he takes to the floor and heads towards the dressing room. D-Lo is right after him though and drags him back to ringside. Bodyslam on the outside followed by another knife edge chop where Dragon takes a flat back bump on the concrete. Inside and Dragon reverses a powerbomb into a huracanrana before dropkicking D-Lo’s knee. Single leg crab into a kneebar and D-Lo is forced to grab the ropes for the break. Dragon screw leg whip and a figure four as Danielson focuses all his efforts on wearing down that leg. D-Lo with a leg lariat out of nowhere as he starts to fire back on his opponent. Dragon counters the suplex only to get caught in a sit out powerbomb. Frog splash off the top and D-Lo gets the win.


Great crowd and a good match with Dragon showing he’s got no problem hanging with an established WWF star in a singles match. Yeah, he’s not the most heelish of heels in the slightest, but I thought he was perfectly fine in that role. Nice sell job by D-Lo on that leg and I thought Dragon had good facials too.

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