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WCW in 1993 (Instead of Bischoff, we get time travelling Grimmas from 2017)


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Bill Watts was fired/resigned as Vice President of Wrestling Operations from WCW on February 10, 1993.


Two days later Eric Bischoff was named Executive Producer of WCW and Ole Anderson was named Vice President of Wrestling Operations from WCW. That means Bischoff controlled TV and Ole the house shows, essentially.


Now instead of those two, what happens if I time travel to the year of 1983 and use my power of hindsight to take the job?


This thread will follow WCW from that point going forward.

There will be a lot of questions to answer, especially about talent. Things like, can Austin become a star in WCW if treated well? Can WCW become big without Hogan (I'm not signing Hogan, btw). If I am going to keep Benoit, can I prevent him becoming a murderer? Kevin Nash is about to leave, should I let him go to become a star and return in 96 or keep him and have him become a star here?


Obviously with future knowledge, drug tests and concussion protocols should be introduced.


Either way, this will be slow paced run through WCW at this time. I'm going to at least book Saturday Night, the Clashes, and the pay-per-views in my own time.


First show will be SuperBrawl III (as essentially all TV up to it was taped or booked) and I will post that when I can.

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SuperBrawl III

February 21, 1993 in Asheville, NC

Civic Center

The show opens with the White Castle of Fear video.

At ringside Tony Schiavone and Jesse Ventura welcome us to the show and talk about the main event. They note that Ron Simmons has suffered an injury and will not be able to compete for the United States Title against Dustin Rhodes and The Barbarian has been picked as a replacement.


Opening Contest:

“Flyin’” Brian Pillman & “Stunning” Steve Austin


Erik Watts & Marcus Alexander Bagwell

A shortened version of the real timeline match. Pillman pinned Bagwell after Austin came off the top rope behind the referee’s back with a forearm to Bagwell as Bagwell had Pillman covered with a fisherman suplex.

Winners: Brian Pillman & Steve Austin @ 9:35.

On the podium Eric Bischoff & Missy Hyatt announce that Bill Watts has been removed as Executive Vice President of World Championship Wrestling. Later this evening, the new Commissioner of WCW who will be the voice of the championship committee will be announced.


Match 2:

Chirs Benoit


Too Cold Scoprio

Exact match. Scorpio wins with a modified victory roll as Benoit attempted the Dragon Suplex.

Winner: Too Cold Scorpio @ 19:59

Eric Bischoff is backstage with Davey Boy Smith who says he has come to the WCW to take it international and will be on the European tour, where he plans to win the World Title.


The British Bulldog Debut:

“Wild” Bill Irwin


“British Bulldog” Davey Boy Smith

Same match, Bulldog wins with the Running Powerslam after catching Irwin coming off the middle turnbuckle.

Winner: Davey Boy Smith @ 5:50

Missy Hyatt is with Paul Orndorff behind the curtain, but before Orndorff could say anything Cactus Jack appears and scares Orndorff through the curtains.


Falls Count Anywhere Match:

“Mr. Wonderful” Paul Orndorff


Cactus Jack

Same match, Cactus wins by hitting Orndorff with a shovel.

Winner: Cactus Jack @ 12:19

Backstage Eric Bischoff is with Ricky Steamboat, who is about to compete in a “Bonus Match” facing Jushin “Thunder” Liger. He promotes how great the former Light Heavyweight Champion is, and how tough this match will be.


Bonus Match:

Jushin “Thunder” Liger


Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat with Shane Douglas

These two have a fast paced contest which saw Liger go for a Victory Roll, which Steamboat countered for the win.

Winner: Ricky Steamboat @ 12:21

A video package is played showing the Jim Cornette SMW angles setting up the upcoming match.


Smoky Mountain Wrestling Showcase Match:

The Heavenly Bodies with Jim Cornette


The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express

Same match. Robert Gibson pinned Tom Prichard after Eaton’s interference backfired and he came off the top rope onto Prichard when Morton moved out of the way. Eaton escorted Cornette, Lane, and Prichard to ringside before the match, but was ejected before the bout began. After the match Prichard and Eaton got into a shoving match.

Winner: The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express @ 12:52

Backstage Eric Bischoff is with Dustin Rhodes who compares the differences between Simmons and The Barbarian and talks about he will do his best to keep his title.


WCW United States Title Match:

The Barbarian


Champion “The Natural” Dustin Rhodes

The Barbarian dominates, but Dustin has some firing comebacks. Dustin ducks a giant kick and hits the bulldog for the win.

Winner: Dustin Rhodes @ 10:26 to retain the WCW United States Title.

Eric Bischoff & Missy Hyatt are in the ring and introduce the brand new Commissioner of WCW, “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair! Flair struts to the ring and says he will be the voice of the Championship Committee and will be fair. Nobody knows how to break the rules more than him, so nobody is better suited to enforce the rules. He will be on the upcoming Saturday Night to make some exciting announcements.


NWA World Heavyweight Title Match:
Barry Windham


Champion The Great Muta with Hiro Matsuda

A shorter condensed version of the real timeline match. Windham wins the title with a lariat and the DDT after lifting his knees to block the champion’s moonsault.

Winner: Barry Windham @ 10:28 to win the NWA World Title.

A video backstage shows highlights of the previous Sting vs Vader matches setting up the matin event. Tony Schiavone and Jesse Ventura run down the rules of the strap match.


White Castle of Fear Strap Match:

Big Van Vader with Harley Race



Exact same match as the real timeline, because it rules so much!

Winner: Big Van Vader @ 20:55

After the match Sting whipped Vader repeatedly with the strap until Vader fell out of the ring.

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World Wide

February 27, 1993

Taped on February 9, 1993 in Gainesville, GA @ Georgia Mountains Center

Hosted By: Tony Schiavone & Jesse Ventura

  1. Paul Orndorff pinned Bobby Baker with a piledriver.

  2. Vinnie Vegas pinned Rob Morgan with the Snake Eyes.

  3. Maxx Payne defeated Johnny B. Badd via submission with the Pain Killer @ 1:51. After the bout, officials tended to Badd after Payne kept the move applied.

  4. WCW Television Title Tournament Opening Round: Robbie V pinned Shanghai Pierce with a standing moonsault.

  5. Ricky Steamboat, Shane Douglas, & The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express fought Steve Austin, Brian Pillman, & The Heavenly Bodies (with Jim Cornette & Bobby Eaton) to a double DQ at 10:14 when all eight men began brawling in and out of the ring and Cornette was thrown in the ring by Gibson.


Note: This show was taped prior to the hiring of time travelling Grimmas.

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Saturday Night

February 27, 1993

Two and a Half Hour Special

Taped February 23, 1993 in Atlanta, GA @ Center Stage Theatre

Hosted by Tony Schiavone & Jesse Ventura


Show opens with a highlight video from SuperBrawl focusing on Vader vs Sting, the debut of the British Bulldog, and Ric Flair's return.


Tony Schiavone & Jesse Ventura welcome us to the show. They talk about SuperBrawl III then mention that Flair will address WCW tonight! The main event has Barry Windham defending his newly won NWA World Title against Brad Armstrong.


Shangahi Pierce & Tex Slazenger defeated Keith & Kent Cole at 6:13 when Pierce pinned Keith.


A limo is shown pulling up to the arena and Ric Flair gets out, he is coming up later tonight!


Too Cold Scorpio pinned Scotty Flamingo at 6:55 with a 450 Splash.


Tony Schiavone conducted an interview with Arn Anderson in which he said he had been apathetic, but Erik Watts mad that part of him die at the gas station in Charlotte. He spoke highly of Flair, NWA World Champion Barry Windham, Steve Austin, & Brian Pillman. Anderson then noted that the “eagle had flown the coop” and Erik Watts was left alone to deal with him. Anderson then said he had a cramping in his hand and didn’t know if it meant anything or not, then held up the sign of the Four Horsemen.


“Flyin’” Brian Pillman & “Stunning” Steve Austin defeated Tom Zenk & Johnny Gunn with Austin pinned Zenk at 9:43 after Pillman hit a clothesline off the top rope behind the referee’s back as Zenk had Austin covered with a roll up.


A video is shown from backstage at SuperBrawl where Cornette and The Heavenly Bodies are pissed about losing to The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express. Bobby Eaton is there and he and Pritchard are arguing. Cornette says they will get revenge and cooler heads prevail.


“The British Bulldog” Davey Boy Smith pinned Sgt. Buddy Lee Parker at 3:33 with the Running Powerslam.


Marcus Alexander Bagwell pinned Mike Thor with the Fisherman Suplex at 3:29.


Maxx Payne defeated Lightning Kid via submission with the Pain Killer at 4:11


“The Nature Boy” Ric Flair, the new WCW Commissioner, comes to the ring to address the WCW audience. He talks about how great it is to be back in WCW. Flair will make sure WCW is the best wrestling promotion in the world. He plugs the WCW tour in Europe in March and the airing of the WCW/New Japan Super Show on pay-per-view as evidence. More international talent will be arriving in WCW as well. He makes a few rule changes, first throwing someone over the top rope is no longer a DQ, as is coming off the top rope to the face. Flair says that on the March 13th episode of Saturday Night, The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express will get a WCW/NWA World Tag Team Titles match against Ricky Steamboat & Shane Douglas, since they were so impressive at SuperBrawl. He then asks where all the women in WCW are? Flair then brings out Madusa who cuts a short promo about showing every other women in wrestling that she is the best. Flair says WCW will scour the world for all the best talent to face her.


Ricky Steamboat & Shane Douglas defeated The Wrecking Crew when Steamboat pinned Rage at 6:35.


Vinnie Vegas pinned Terry Travis with Snake Eyes at 3:43.


Eric Bischoff hosting a segment running down the WCW World Television Title Tournament.


The Barbarian pinned Rip Rogers with the boot to the face at 5:32.


Steve Regal & Erik Watts defeated Chris Sullivan & Bob Cook at 5:08 when Sullivan submitted to Watts' STF. During the bout, Watts received several chants of "Erik sucks!" and "Daddy's boy" from the crowd.


Backstage, Missy Hyatt interviews Steve Austin & Brian Pillman. They are pissed about not being given a title shot. Flair’s first decision was horrible, he better not screw up again.


NWA World Heavyweight Title Match:
Champion Barry Windham pinned Brad Armstrong at 9:17 with the jumping DDT after avoiding the side Russian Legsweep by grabbing the ring rope.

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World Wide

March 6, 1993

Taped on February 16, 1993 in Dothan, Alabama @ Civic Center

Hosted By: Tony Schiavone & Jesse Ventura

1. Van Hammer defeated Vinnie Vegas in a left-handed arm wrestling challenge. Jesse Ventura emceed the event. After the contest, Vegas attacked Hammer with the table.

2. Davey Boy Smith pinned Mustafa Saed with the Running Powerslam at 2:27

3. Maxx Payne defeated Chris Sullivan via submission with the Pain Killer.

4. WCW TV Championship Tournament: Vinnie Vegas defeated Van Hammer via forfeit after the physician ruled Hammer could not compete following the attack Hammer received earlier in the show.

5. Steve Austin & Brian Pillman defeated Too Cold Scorpio & Marcus Alexander Bagwell when Pillman pinned Bagwell after Austin attacked Bagwell behind the referee's back as Bagwell had Pillman in the Fisherman Suplex.


Note: This show was planned prior to the hiring of time traveling Grimmas.

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