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[2017-05-24-SEAdLINNNG] Arisa Nakajima vs Hiroyo Matsumoto


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15 minutes of all action that didn't feel like a blown off spot fest. This was a great representation of modern joshi and brought me back to some of the 2000 stuff I have been watching involving Hyaga. HIroyo is quietly piecing together a strong year and Arisa is one of the better young joshi workers IMO. This match had back and forth but the transitions were logical and the match conveyed a sense of being up for grabs at all times. ***3/4

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A nice touch with them showing highlights of the awesome match that they had in 2008 when they were both youngsters. Really enjoyed Hiroyo using her strength to force transitions while Arisa had to be more aggressive and creative with her opportunities. Quite a few of the transitions in this match were fairly creative. They also managed to do a strong job of pacing out the match toward the finish. Tremendously well worked match. ****

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  • GSR changed the title to [2017-05-24-SEAdLINNNG] Arisa Nakajima vs Hiroyo Matsumoto

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