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[2000-06-07-NJPW] Koji Kanemoto vs Dr Wagner Jr


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Good heat off of this one resulting as a rematch from their BOSJ final two years before. I thought for them going short here, they packed a lot of punch. I have been pretty keen on Wagner so far as he brings the stiffness here going shot for shot with Koji and also the storyline development and heel mannerisms like the second time they spill into the crowd and Wagner comes back into the ring with a random purse he chokes Koji out with. A lot of sympathy gets put on Koji as a result and makes the kickouts of things like the space mountain seem important. Kanemoto starts relling off a comeback and is feeling it with the fighting spirit and huge reaction from the crowd. It really felt as a viewer Koji had the match in hand after the moonsault by Koji but that only gets two. Tiger suplex is blocked and from out of nowhere, Wagner hits his Wagner Driver for the win. This packed a lot of punch in a ten minute match. ***1/2

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This was fun if only for Wagner's antics: the condescending uncle cheek pat, pushing the ref around, attacking with a chair, blatant choking. Kanemoto takes a beating but survives some of Wagner's bigger bombs, rallying a comeback only to get racked between the legs and spiked with the Michinoku Driver for the loss.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-06-07-NJPW] Koji Kanemoto vs Dr Wagner Jr
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