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[2000-06-11-AJW] Manami Toyota vs Takako Inoue


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Toyota turns in another strong 2000 performance. This was worked with a sprint in that it felt like a fully actualized match that accomplished everything it set out to in the minus 12 minute run time. Toyota does some prick moves like the Rick Rude hip swivel but she also shows a lot of heart and risk with the big dive off of the Korakuen balcony. The finishing run was exciting and not overblown and Toyota was also very clean with her performance tonight. A very 1993 feeling joshi match and that is a good thing. ***1/2 (7.0)

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The old rivals square off once again without breaking any new ground. A lot of BS in this involving the stun gun and the LLPW Black Joker faction. In fact, the entire match seemed like a precursor for Toyota vs. Eagle Sawai, which isn't a direction I care to see the company go in. The finishing stretch was subdued by Japanese standards though Toyota did show once again that she could sell when she wanted to even if it wasn(t in her DNA.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-06-11-AJW] Manami Toyota vs Takako Inoue
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I get the sense that there's more to Inoue than what we see here (which is 75% spinning backfist, 25% a stellar look), and there's undoubtedly a history here that goes over my head. Toyota is a sprint machine, and putting her in an environment where she can just chain her moves together at warp speed or showcase her athleticism without being overextended isn't the worst thing in the world to watch.



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