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[2017-07-05-CWF Mid-Atlantic] Michael Elgin vs Trevor Lee


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Lee's title defenses are always great and this is a unique dynamic as he can be X-Division Trevor Lee and really work underneath to the bigger Elgin. And that's what this entire match is based around - Elgin's power, Trevor trying to counter and get an edge, but Elgin continuing to pummel him. They slug away on each other to start, good intensity and Trevor's selling throughout is really good. There's a thread in this match around the German suplex - they battle over it early before Elgin eventually fires a bunch off. It's somewhat Lesnar-esque, but Lee's comebacks are good and all feel natural. Elgin himself comes off scouting Lee really well; he gets big power moves like his Falcon Arrow off of Trevor's regular spots. Lee comes back and laces Elgin with penalty kicks while standing on the apron and elgin finally collapses. Back in there's another and then Lee's big spot in the match: a deadlift German (pay-off) which gets two. Feels like this is building to the finish, but there's another chunk here with Elgin on top; he gets a DVD on the apron and deadlifts Lee from the top rope into another Falcon Arrow. And then he hits his big elevated powerbomb for another two count. Another slam and Lee is up at 1 and fired up, but he collapses right before Elgin lariats him. Elgin picks him up to finish him off, but Trevor reverses into his STF, but elgin boots him in the face. Lee then grabs him into a cradle to retain. Elgin was great here, and i have no problem with a roll-up finish here, but it felt really flat with it coming off Elgin kicking Lee and not vice versa. Still ****1/4



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