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[2000-06-24-WCW-Worldwide] 3 Count vs Air Paris & Cassidy Riley & James Storm


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Cassidy Riley face plants in a huge botch that gets a big laugh from the crowd. Ouch. Air Paris looks like he just came from the local mall. 3 Count are gelling more and more as a team with their triple team moves and bringing constantly fluidity to the matches. This match is really fun Saturday morning fodder to watch over a bowl of cereal. 3 Count are really wasted on the A shows of WCW at the time. **1/4

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You wouldn’t recognise James Storm if it wasn’t for the fact he had ‘Storm’ on his tights, while Riley has been a regular in R&B security for the past month or so. Some quality wrestling from Karagias and Riley to start us off, but as Evan poses to the crowd (“that’s the way 3 Count does it baby!”) he gets clocked with a right. Riley goes for a springboard, however slips off the rope and crashes face first to the canvas eliciting loud laughter from the audience. A reversal on the Irish whip and a high hiptoss takedown turns things back his way before tagging in Paris. Scoop powerslam by Karagias and he tags out to Shannon Moore, where he’s immediately met with a leg lariat which he takes this great spinning flip bump off. It looks like Paris is losing him on a wheelbarrow suplex so plants him with a facebuster instead. Evan grabs at Paris’ hair while he’s running the ropes, and this distraction allows 3 Count to hit a double team Samoan drop/neckbreaker. Sunset flip off the top from Helms for two. A trio of legdrops, and he then holds Air so Karagias can nail him with a missile dropkick. Moore misses a splash off the top and Paris is able to make the tag to Storm. Storm takes it to all three members of 3 Count and a nice headscissors on Helms. All six men are in the ring, but Riley gets backdropped over the top rope to the floor taking this wild looking bump in the process. The camera misses Moore depositing Paris to the outside and 3 Count with a triple facebuster on Storm for the win.


A bit messy in parts due to the job trio (the distraction spot didn’t look good and Paris just about saved that wheelbarrow suplex with the facebuster), while Riley’s botch is rivalling Punk’s against Eric Priest. Still this was a fun match and Shane Helms still stands out as a notch above the other two members of 3 Count.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-06-24-WCW-Worldwide] 3 Count vs Air Paris & Cassidy Riley & James Storm

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