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Stacey & Elliott's Bogus Journey #5: Seasons GWWEetings!

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Stacey & Elliott's Bogus Journey #5: Seasons GWWEetings!


For the next few months Stacey and Elliott will be celebrating the PTBN Greatest Wrestler Ever project by focusing exclusively on matches from their favourite WWE wrestlers and discussing them as potential candidates for the list. First up we have two underappreciated workers in Drew McIntyre and Doink the Clown, as well as some general thoughts on the GWWE process.


Today's matches:

- Drew McIntyre vs Trent Barreta - Smackdown 12/31/10

- Drew McIntyre vs Trent Barreta - Smackdown 1/14/11

- Drew McIntyre vs Trent Barreta - Smackdown 1/21/11

- Doink the Clown vs Marty Jannetty (2/3 Falls) - Raw 6/21/93 (MDA thread)




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This was just briefly mentioned, but I want to go deeper on the idea that Masters vs McIntyre could be a "memorable moment." I hadn't been thinking that way but I do think it's valid in the same way that something like Jumping Bomb Angels vs Glamour Girls at the Royal Rumble or Tiger Match vs Dynamite at MSG might be. The problem is that Masters vs Mcintyre was only really lauded within a subgroup of a much more schismed fandom relative to the others, but it was a touchpoint for that year for that group. The first two were examples of what "smarks" thought wrestling COULD be packed into the morass of what the WWF currently was. There was an element of that to Masters vs McIntyre, though I think it was pushing up both against what was being pushed on top in the WWE at the time AND against what was considered to be tops critically from an insider perspective (a lot of that coming from Masters being a more traditional selling-based babyface instead of a moves based babyface just as that shift was starting to take place more and more in the mainstream),

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