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[2000-06-26-WWF-Raw] Edge & Christian vs Kane & The Undertaker


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Man did I hate this. E&C are starting their relationship with Foley which is remembered fondly. They just have won the tag titles back and they get completely bitched out by the BOD. I understand they are more of a comedy troop squad but still why decimate your champions in this manner. Taker/Kane don’t have a lot to do right now after KOTR and having them job out everyone but the main event players isn’t the way to go. ¼*

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Edge & Christian are relaxing in a couple of recliners backstage and tell Mick Foley that they’re not going to wrestle Kane and the Undertaker tonight. Commissioner Foley threatens to strip them of their newly won World tag team titles and that quickly puts a stop to any idea of that happening.


Out of protestation for this match, Edge informs everyone that there will be no five second pose for those with the benefit of flash photography! Jim Ross says that this is a non-title match, so I’m guessing no need for a run in and E&C can do a clean pinfall loss. Taker grabs Edge and launches him over the top rope to the outside leaving Kane and Christian to duke it out in the ring. Kane military presses Christian over his head, but after whipping him to the corner runs into a big boot. The Undertaker throws Edge back inside and as Christian runs and leaps off his back, Kane snatches him around the neck. Taker follows his brother’s suit, stereo chokeslams and the champs go down in double quick time.


Even though the result was never in doubt from the moment it was made clear this was a non-title match, this is not the best way to book your new tag team champions.

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Stuff like this (along with continually losing handicap matches to top guys) might have been one of the reasons they struggled to elevate the tag teams over the next couple of years when they went to singles. All the top teams got treated as JTTS whenever it was convenient for years before, instead of being even minimally protected.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-06-26-WWF-Raw] Edge & Christian vs Kane & The Undertaker

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