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[2000-07-02-BJW] Tomoaki Honma vs Zandig (Lemon, Salt & Mustard Death)


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As much as the previous match sucked, this one felt really good off the clips we see. Maybe that is another tip in the hat of HOnma as he seems to be someone that can be plugged in with anyone and provide something engaging. This had salt in the wounds and lemons which always makes me squeamish. In addition, Honma rubs wasabi over Zandig’s bloody forehead which I haven’t seen before but was sick to watch. Zandig did some big moves and executed them just well enough to keep up his end of the bargain. I would have liked to have seen this in full overall but it was exciting with what we got here. NR

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This was almost like Torture porn between the salt, lemons and the wasabi being thrown on Zandig. Zandig gets his revenge by doing the Mother F'n bomb on Homna to the outside and Homna bounces off the floor. That was sick. It's probably a good thing this was clipped cause I doubt the full 15 minute match was good.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-07-02-BJW] Tomoaki Honma vs Zandig (Lemon, Salt & Mustard Death Match)

What is shown on TV is clipped so we only see selected highlights of the 19 minute plus match.  Honma rolls out under the bottom rope after a not-so-high running knee, where he’s grabbed by Nick Gage who is seconding Zandig.  ‘The Boss’ then attempts a somersault senton off the top turnbuckle to the floor, although it looks more like a nose dive.  A barbed wire board has been propped up in the corner and when Zandig whips Honma into it, he runs up the board and flips backwards (think Jodie Fleisch’s ‘Wall Unit’).  Honma grabs the go behind and release German suplexes Zandig into the board, his manky hair getting all tangled in the barbs.  From here Honma dumps a bucket of salt over his lacerated back, piledrives him into a bucket of lemons/lemon juice and finally squeezes mustard into the cuts on his forehead.  Top rope frankensteiner through the barbed wire board which had been propped up between two chairs.  Zandig breaks a chair over Honma’s head busting him open.  After a pair of rolling suplexes he hits a Falcon Arrow and then distracts the official so Gage can nail him with a frog splash.  Honma sets a table up across the top turnbuckle and as he’s stood on it, Gage gives it a shake causing him to lose his balance.  Zandig gets up there with him and presses Honma overhead, dumping him all the way to the floor and through a second barbed wire board that had been positioned at ringside.  If that first table was unstable they place a second on top of that, however despite Gage and Wifebeater holding the structure in place, Zandig slips when going for the big splash off it, barely connecting with Honma.  Big spinning powerbomb onto the barbed wire board and Zandig gets the win which he celebrates with the rest of the CZW guys who’re on the tour with him.

In highlighted form, limited to the high spots this was okay, I imagine I would have a different view if it was the full match I’d just watched.  The one thing you have to say about Zandig, no matter how shoddy or reckless he may look, the guy is fearless and more than willing to put his body on the line.  That one table balanced on the top rope was unstable and then he places another on top and then stands on it!  Rather him than me on that spot.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-07-02-BJW] Tomoaki Honma vs Zandig (Lemon, Salt & Mustard Death)

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