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[1990-02-27-UWF-Road] Minoru Suzuki vs Tatsuo Nakano


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A smutty little match-up with plenty of handsy exchanges and agitated strikes. This has that drunken bar fight element to it, ugly at times but also effective. Nakano wrestles a very smothering style by rubbing his forearms in Suzuki's face and really cranking on the headlocks and necklocks. Suzuki at one point has had it and pummels Nakano with headbutts. The first down is terrific, as Suzuki's trying to block Nakano's headbutts on the ground but Nakano catches him and sends him reeling. Suzuki's leg crabs looked really brutal here and when Suzuki starts dropping knees, Nakano freaks and unloads a pissy flurry of strikes to knock Suzuki back down. For this style of match, While Suzuki sometimes appears a little lost, his selling is really pretty good, in that bewildered sense. He spikes Nakano with the piledriver and immediately starts stomping his head in and dropping more knees. Wasn't a fan of the double KO finish, at least the execution of it, but this was really good and uncomfortable at the same time.

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This is one of my favourite UWF matchups. Even young Minoru Suzuki is best as a dickhead beating someone down, and Nakano is just a pitbull. And they maul eachother something fierce here. There is some intense grappling, with veteran Nakano mostly dominating early through sheer tenacity. Suzuki would hit a big fireman carry only for Nakano to keep controlling him. There is an awesome leglock battle leading to a really intense nearfall for a single leg crab. After he had bruised Suzukis face with kicks on the ground, Nakano would wrench his face further with a nasty facelock. Obviously the highlight here are Suzukis out of the this world brutal stomps and kneedrops. The shootstyle Gotch Piledriver was just amazing aswell as Nakano wasn't willing to take that at all and lowered his weight only for Suzuki to pick him up. Loved Suzuki getting fired up to a huge crowd pop after the low blow. Finish is something very rare for shootstyle but executed about as believably as you can. Just really intense brutal wrestling, great moment after great moment that the crowd loved.

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