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[2017-07-25-NJPW-G1 Climax] Toru Yano vs Kenny Omega


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You knew this would be ridiculous and it was. It did make me laugh so that is the goal I suppose. I understand the annoyance that someone like Kenny shouldn’t be going 50/50 with Yano and degrading himself doing this stuff, but I try not to think too hard with Yano matches and this didn’t feel overly long like the Kojima match. ***

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Very fun, especially the start with the powder and Red shoes going up for the OWA. A world record # of hair pull spots, with the cherry on top being the two of them doing rope-running spots while their legs are taped together. Super flush Vtrigger there in the finish. ***


PTBN review by Ioan Morris:



Yano kindly offered Omega one of his DVDs, but when Omega opened it it was full of powder and Yano flicked it right in his eyes! Roll-up – one, two, no! Omega almost killed referee Red Shoes with a One-Winged Angel, but was low-blowed and again almost rolled-up for three. Yano removed every turnbuckle pad and despite Omega recovering sight, he got whipped into one of them. Simultaneous hairpulls! Back-and-forth hair rips! Not-Quite-Main Event Hair Pull Battle! Neither man would let go, so Red Shoes broke them up with a double axe handle from the second-rope! Good lord. They chased each other around the ring and Yano hit Omega with a plastic bucket from under the ring before taping his feet together. Then Omega caught Yano and taped his feet together! That noise you hear is Jim Cornette exploding. Back in, they had a hopping headlock/drop down sequence, ending with a double stomp from Omega, then fought over a suplex before Omega scored with the Snapdragon suplex. Owens gave Omega scissors to cut the tape, but even so, Yano rolled him up for a very close near-fall. Now free, Omega smashed Yano with the V-Trigger knee, sending him to the floor, and the Sublime Master Thief was unable to break the 20-count. Omega wins!

A damn good comedy match. Lots of inventive spots, both guys were totally into it, and I was thoroughly entertained. ***1/4
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