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[1993-07-02-CMLL] La Fiera vs Sangre Chicana


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This was one of those matches that had a lot of good moments which didn't really fit together. I can see people liking a lot of them, but at the end of the day you have an apuestas match in which things started off almost gentlemanly, Sangre Chicana threw away a fall for no real reason, and Fiera won with a fluky and botched rollup while not looking like a conquering hero. Even in the prematch video package, included to make this feel like a bigtime event, something felt off, as you could see that it wasn't even Chicana who turned on Fiera first. And the bottle shot made no sense. It was a cool image and everything, but it's not like Fiera had been making a comeback or done anything to piss Chicana off. Why wantonly pick a moment in the second fall to take all that anger out on him? I guess you could argue that it fit with Chicana taking random breaks from the fighting to talk to members of the audience, but it's still the weakest way possible for a tecnico to even things up. On a positive note, Fiera's selling really was outstanding, and I liked how committed they were to those ribs. I'd have preferred wild violence to working over a body part, but if you decide to go the latter route then at least make it mean something. Less than the sum of its parts match.

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I actually liked this match a lot. It WAS kind of weird to have an apuestas match start with a handshake and with wrestling instead of violence but once Chicana started with the kidney shots this really got good. I didn't mind Chicana taking time out to talk shit to the crowd or hitting Fiera with the bottle and getting himself disqualified because it just came off like he was so confident that he had Fiera beat that he didn't care if he lost a fall, he knew he'd win in the end. I get wanting a more definitive finish for an apuestas match, especially if the babyface is gonna come back and win after just getting his ass kicked all match but to me the finish worked because Fiera had tried a few times to counter those kidney punches and Chicana just kept going back to it and finally Fiera figured out the best way to do it and got the win.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1993-07-02-CMLL] La Fiera vs Sangre Chicana
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I don't know anything about the context of this. No idea how long they'd been feuding, no idea why they were feuding in the first place. I guess it had been a minute since the Viboras Salvajes were a thing - I'm pretty sure Mocho Cota was in jail around this time - but from the opening here it looked like they both kept some measure of respect for one another. Even if their days of running together were over I suppose there was at least the faint remnants of kinship. Maybe that's me projecting, or maybe it's my way of rationalising a hair match starting with a handshake, but I've watched some of that 80s run recently so naturally it's fresh in the memory. I actually liked how they started with a bit of wrestling, the way they struggled over one hold that Chicana managed to keep on top of. Chicana even took a quick trip to the floor to shake hands with one of his supporters. Then it all went out the window. As soon as Fiera managed to - quite literally - wrestle away control, Chicana decided enough was enough. It was simple, but Chicana immediately going to the kidney punches looked brutal and Fiera sold it like he was about to piss blood. I thought this was an absolutely mesmerising Sangre Chicana performance. As soon as he ramped up the violence I couldn't take my eyes off him, and that's even with Fiera putting in a pretty sensational selling performance. Chicana would take his time with the beatdown, jawing with fans at ringside in between ramming Fiera into the post. I don't know if Nigel McGuinness was a lucha fan but jesus christ did La Fiera set the original bar for stupid insane unprotected ring post shots. There were at least three where he went clean into it at speed and if the ringside mic was better I assume it would've sounded like a cooked turkey hitting the pavement from a twelfth story balcony. My favourite moment of the match came at the end of the second caida, as Chicana waded into the dimly lit crowd before reappearing with a jug that he smashed over Fiera's head. It earned him a DQ, which evened up the falls, but I thought it was the perfect Sangre Chicana move. Fiera is bleeding everywhere, dead on his feet, probably has kidney trauma, so fuck it, why would Chicana be worried about giving up a fall? He's Sangre Chicana, of course he'll take that hit. Fiera's comeback in the tercera started with one of the best spin kicks he's ever thrown and I loved Chicana selling it like he'd been shot. The big Fiera tope was a fucking madness as well. He gets almost vertical coming over the top rope, which sort of hampered him hitting Chicana full in the chest as intended, but you forget that when Chicana ends up in the second row after ripping four seats out the ground in the process. Imagine being part of the arena staff the night of a Sangre Chicana apuesta match. You spend all that time securing furniture despite knowing for a fact at least some of it is going to be unusable by the end of the night. The finish was a little botched, but I thought it was great and wrapped up their seedy story nicely. Fiera had made several attempts at a backslide throughout the match, usually in response to Chicana kicking the shit out of him, but Chicana would shut him down every time with the kidney punches. They were the best kidney punches you've ever seen and they were the perfect counter to the counter. That the backslide looked ugly in the end wasn't enough for me not to love how Fiera's persistence paid off. 

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