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[2000-06-09-AJPW] Kenta Kobashi & Kentaro Shiga vs Jun Akiyama & Maunakea Mossman


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Burning continues to feud against each other and get a bit chippy as they have lost the title. I look forward to the NOAH debut and like how the main event on the first show was used as a catalyst for their devlopment as team mates because it feels like an engaging story arc to follow. Kobashi gets worked over on the leg a good bit here and Mossman impressed me with his power. Shiga is always undersized but he defends his mentors and really puts up a fight in the name of Kobashi. An overall really good semi-main tag where Kobashi and Akiyama showed some strong glimpses of hate against each other. ***1/2 ( 7)

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First of all I loved this match! The star of the show was Kentaro Shiga who was an awesome undersized babyface, who would take a beating, sell and get great hope spots in. All four guys worked hard and constructed a really enjoyable tag team match with great structure and story throughout. Kobashi and Akiyama going at it throughout the match, with Akiyama hitting multiple Exploder's to wear down Kobashi at the end was really fun to watch. ****

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This was a very fun match. Kobashi and Shiga spend most of this match fighting from underneath as Kobashi gets his knee taken out and Shiga is just overwhelmed due to his size. Shiga takes a great beating and gets some fun hope spots in while Kobashi looks like a total bad ass when he gets fired up and enters the ring. Great storytelling here in the match with everyone getting moments to shine.



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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-06-09-AJPW] Kenta Kobashi & Kentaro Shiga vs Jun Akiyama & Maunakea Mossman
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