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[2000-07-06-Monterrey] La Parka vs Pierroth Jr (Hardcore)


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Pierroth continues to be the best garbage brawler that isn't in Japan in 2000. THis suffered from being essentially a hanicap match with Wagner running interference and Parka having to overcome the odds. Parka is strong like usual in a feud type match although he didn't seem to be wanting to do all of his super stuff. ***1/4 (6.3)

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I thought this was plodding. The violence was good. The focused attack by Pierroth is good, the involvement of the seconds is good, and it builds well to a La Parka comeback that has the crowd going nuts throwing bottles. It's just a little plodding on the way to it and kind of bloated when the comeback comes. Some of the spots with Parka and the seconds came across not super smooth -- not bad -- just kind of like a mechanical feeling of people going through a slapstick routine. That said, Parka bleeds and gains some sympathy and his final overcoming of the odds is a good moment.



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This appears to be for the WWC hardcore title which Pierroth won when he toured Puerto Rico a couple years before this. I wouldn't call this good as it's pretty slow and the constant interference from the woman and Wagner was annoying. The atmosphere is crazy with people throwing shit into the ring all match. I guess they are following the Puerto Rican tradition of the 80's. Third fall was pretty good and I liked the finish.

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Pierroth! Is there a better rudo in all of Mexico now that Satanico doesn't have a regular program? This was pure, unadulterated BS, but it was fun. Not the most sophisticated lucha match you'll see but the rudos did a good job of stacking the odds against Parka and pissing off the crowd. That fan took his life into his own hands when he shoved Wagner and props to the fan who hit the ref with a bottle towards the end. Somewhere in all that was a bloody bladejob from Parka but unlike some of his other bloodstained epics, the wackiness continued to the end. The comedy finish was house show gold and Parka's against-the-odds win got a nice reaction from the crowd.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-07-06-Monterrey] La Parka vs Pierroth Jr (Hardcore)

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