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[1988-EMLL] Los Brazos (Brazo De Oro & Brazo De Plata & El Brazo) vs Eddy Guerrero & Rocky Star & Lizmark

Phil Schneider

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Well the world is going to hell, but at least we waltzing on the deck of the Titanic to the sounds of new 80s Brazos matches. This was a great quality pro-shot Juarez show, which hopefully means that more stuff like this exists. This was the earliest Eddie match I can remember, although he is more of an afterthought to the El Brazo v. Rocky Star feud. That is probably the least interesting on paper focus of any of these six guys, although it is still great stuff. Both Rocky and El Brazo bleed buckets,and El Brazo takes some nasty post bumps, El Brazo was clearly a world class 80s bleeder. This was the most serious I have seen the Brazo's work, as they were straight violent rudos including flipping off the crowd and brutalizing the babyfaces. There was some fleeting moments of Super Porky agility including a punishing superfly splash and a dive off of the ring apron. More of a cool discovery then an all time great match, but what a cool discovery.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1988-EMLL] Los Brazos (Brazo De Oro & Brazo De Plata & El Brazo) vs Eddy Guerrero & Rocky Star & Lizmark
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A tale of two halves. Every moment with Rocky Star was fan-frigging-tastic and the clear star of the show, he took an absolute rollicking to kick things off before leading the charge back against Los Brazos. Everyone else was just a bit player to the Brazo/Star feud and normally that'd be fine but the work, otherwise, was middling. I love Eddie, I really, really love Eddie but every time I try get into his Mexican work I just come away with his GWE case damaged. This was the usual young Eddie moveset: armdrag, armdrag, armdrag, "oh shit, what do I do now? Oh, yeah..." armdrag. He also seemed to have Los Brazos more interested in wrestling comedically which broke the narrative of them as maulers here to wreck shit. Hey, it did lead to some cool Plata moments, I guess. Descansa en paz, Porky.

Stay for the after match promo where El Brazo channels some Mick Foley screeching anger. Where's the apuesta at? 

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