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[2002-06-07-JAPW-Smarts Only] Wasted Youth (Insane Dragon & Deranged) vs The SAT (Joel & Jose Maximo) vs Rainchild & Jay Lethal

Phil Schneider

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This is just what you want from a turn of the century skinny Jersey fliers match. Rainchild is a guy who wrestled for maybe six months, but he looked good here, especially early doing some nice fast arm drag and rana exchanges with Wasted Youth. Maximo's were working pretty stiff I don't remember them as Dynamite Kid/Beniot style juniors, but they were all about stiff chops snap suplexes and head drops. The match finishes up with a great dive train right next to the Bayonne wall, so lots of height but not a lot of distance, Lethal hits a tope where he basically piledrives his head into the concrete, but all the other dives were beautiful. Insane Dragon then gets finished off with some truly harrowing head drops, the kind of thing which you want to watch through your hands like a horror film.

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This was entirely different than I expected it to be. I was expecting a 1000 mile per hour flippy, rana Toryumon style match like those multi man Special K matches from ROH, however it wasn't that. This was toned a lot compared to those and was worked at a much slower pace with way less flips and head drops than those matches despite it being a ton of skinny, young kick pad wearing kids from New York and New Jersey. The dive sequence at the end wasn't as over the top as one would expect and that Lethal drive was indeed brutal as was that Maximo Impact on Deranged and the finishing Morbid Flood on Insane Dragon. Fun stuff.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2002-06-07-JAPW-Smarts Only] Wasted Youth (Insane Dragon & Deranged) vs The SAT (Joel & Jose Maximo) vs Rainchild & Jay Lethal

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