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[2000-07-17-WWF-Raw] The Acolytes & The Rock vs Chris Benoit & Edge & Christian


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Really cool opening promo to start Raw with Foley that segueways through a bunch of programs for the present and the future. Having Foley as a face authority role just feels so refreshing after the two plus years of the heels running the show in a prominent manner. Foley announces that Jericho vs HHH is a LMS match. Taker/Kane come out and Foley sets up the main event of them teaming together to face HHH/Angle. HHH/Angle are on the Titan tron and HHH calls Angle a twerp whereas Angle says that he doesn’t think Steph thinks he is a twerp either. After that ends, here comes The Rock and he wants Benoit tonight. Shane McMahon’s faction comes out and Benoit does a good promo saying he will tap Rock out on Sunday and be the next champion. Shane is good as the hype man for the faction. Foley sets up a six man for these guys and the Acolytes teaming with Rock. Segment ends with a big brawl on the entranceway. A lot of star power here and one instance where I didn’t mind a long starting promo.


The six man tag is short but action packed. Rock is clearly triggered by Benoit and goes after him aggressively. Bradshaw gives an excellent powerbomb to Edge in a unique move. Pier six breaks out and Benoit hits a unique chair shot on Rock that looked vicious. He gives one to Faroqq on the inside and Edge hits a DDT to steal the win. Shane and company hightailing it to the back is a good character move with JR telling you that shows how quickly a match can end. After the break, Rock is looking for Benoit backstage and Rock Bottoms him on top of a limo. I love this feud. *3/4

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‘Commissioner Mick’ is back after his promotional tour of Asia, although ‘the King’ says how he enjoyed it while he was gone! After getting the usual local cheap pop, he says that he’s reviewed the tape from last week’s Raw. He didn’t appreciate the way Triple H beat the crap out of Chris Jericho, and while Y2J isn’t here tonight, he has spoken to him and he wants their match at Fully Loaded to be a ‘last man standing’ match; a match that is so barbaric that the only way to win is to inflict a state of unconsciousness on your opponent. Mick sat back, visualized HHH in a state of unconsciousness at Fully Loaded and told him he’s got it! Foley is then interrupted by the Undertaker. He tells him that he doesn’t appreciate the disrespect that Kurt Angle has shown him recently and wants a match with him tonight. If he won’t make it, he’s’ going to go backstage, find him and hurt him bad. The Commissioner says that if he was trying to intimidate him it worked, when some pyro goes off and now Kane is on his way down the aisle to join the two of them. Kane threatens anarchy and chaos all over this building unless he gives his brother what he wants. I think he was going to anyway somehow! Kurt Angle appears on the big screen and is very apologetic for interrupting them, and also for hitting the Undertaker in the head with the sledgehammer. He insists that he had no intention of hitting him and was aiming for Triple H. While Foley respects Kurt’s accomplishments as an Olympic athlete, and no-one can understand more than him about wanting to hit HHH with a sledgehammer, he’s inclined to make a tag team match for tonight pitting Kane and the Undertaker against Kurt and his new found party buddy, Triple H. The ‘Brothers of Destruction’ are happy with that and make their exits, when the big screen goes split screen, and appearing on the other side to Kurt Angle is HHH. ‘The Game’ tells Commissioner Mick that he can book him in a ‘last man standing match’ at Fully Loaded, he can even book him in a handicap cage match against Kane & Taker tonight, but pleads with him not to make him team with that Olympic twerp. Kurt doesn’t take too kindly to being called a twerp and tells him that he doesn’t think he’s a twerp and he doesn’t think Triple H’s wife thinks he’s a twerp either “and that is true!” Hunter promises Angle that if he doesn’t hold up his end of the match, the same will happen to him as happened to Chris Jericho and he’ll end up a beaten and bloody mess. It’s not over as the interruptions keep a coming, with the Rock being the next to head to the ring. The Rock thinks that as Mick is giving people what they want, the People’s champion has got one request, “Benoit”. He knows that he’s already got him at Fully Loaded, but considering how he feels, he wants the WWF title match tonight. As Foley is about to reply, with Lawler thinking he’ll fold like a piece of paper, Shane McMahon, Chris Benoit, Edge and Christian appear at the top of the entrance. ‘The Crippler’ is happy that the Rock wants to put the belt on the line, but it doesn’t matter to him if it’s tonight or at Fully Loaded, he’ll make him submit and tap out to the crossface. Foley tells him that he puts the matches together here and no-one else. He proceeds to make some jokes at Edge & Christian’s expense, who claim that they’re not quite fit enough to defend their belts, before booking them in a six-man tag alongside Chris Benoit against the Rock and the Acolytes. Rock wants the fight now and meets ‘the Crippler’ on the ramp way. The two trade blows, eventually separated by a bunch of officials.


Edge & Christian announce that they’re going to forfeit their five seconds tonight, they’re going to forfeit it to someone who reeks of awesomeness as much as they do. It’s forfeited to Chris Benoit and they call this pose “the next WWF champion”. Rock’s not waiting for the bell as he snatches ‘the Crippler’ on the arena floor and throws him in the ring to the Acolytes. While the APA double team Benoit, E&C do the same to the Rock as all six men are in the squared circle and with Tim White having little luck in keeping order. Eventually things calm down and we’re left with Rock and Christian as the two legal men. Tilt-a-whirl powerslam by the Rock and he’s over in the opposition corner drilling Edge and Benoit. Huge scoop powerslam from Faarooq for a two count. Double spinebuster and this time Edge is in to break up the cover. Bradshaw with a fallaway slam to Christian and an almighty powerbomb on Edge. As he’s about to give one to Christian, ‘the Crippler’ attacks him from behind. Faarooq tries to come and help his partner, but White prevents him from doing so, this allows the opposition to triple team Bradshaw though while he’s dealing with Faarooq. Edge whips Bradshaw into the turnbuckles, however as he rushes in he’s met with a football tackle. Hot tag to Faarooq who hits a spinebuster on Edge and again the pin attempt it broken up, this time by Benoit. Rock’s seen all he can take and bypasses the official to get his hands on ‘the Crippler’. A huge right sends him to the floor where he then rams his head into the commentary desk. Shane with the distraction and Benoit clocks ‘the Great One’ with a chair. A further chair shot to the back of Faarooq, ‘Downward Spiral’ and Edge with the win for his team.


Following a commercial break, Rock is shown searching backstage looking for Benoit. He hears some noise coming from one of the dressing rooms and blindsides ‘the Crippler’ with a horrific chair shot to the back of the head. Edge, Christian and Shane O’Mac are also in the dressing room, and when they jump the Rock, Benoit decides to get out of there fast. Rock gets the better of the three of them and is back on the hunt for Benoit who hasn’t got far. Continuity error as he’s bleeding from the forehead even though Rock hit him in the back of the head! Rock launches ‘the Crippler’ into a locker and then a vending machine until Sgt. Slaughter and some officials look to placate the situation. Fat chance and just as Shane and Benoit are about to escape in a limo, Rock catches up with them and another nasty full force unprotected chair shot to the head. ‘Rock Bottom’ on the limo and finally Shane is able to get him in the car and the two get out of there.

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E&C forfeiting the pose to Benoit, and Benoit's grin, is hilarious.


Match itself is a fun little sprint that makes good use of the Acolytes' power offense (the Bradshaw power bomb is great). Bradshaw even does a decent job of selling in the heat segment, with the bits of him struggling to get the tag working nicely. Simple bit effective heel work on the finish too.

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