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[2000-07-19-Zipang] Adachi & Asian Cougar & Masked Falcon vs Heaven & Extraterrestrial Life & Yoshida


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I have no fucking clue what I just watched here. Also Sprach Zarathustra blares out of the speakers as a body bag is led to the ring. From there, the alien emerges and the match is on. I will say the actual action after that is a lot of fun. Tons of springboards and big dives but almost everything is hit cleanly. In all honestly, I think this could be compared a bit to the Thundercats match from 1991 that has a ton of fans. I enjoyed it for the absurdness and it did surprise me with the athleticism of the competitors. The Japanese indies everyone. ***1/4 (6.3)

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What a weird match this is. Only guy I've heard of is Asian Cougar and he was decent in this. I like how Heaven is just a guy in Jorts. I'm guessing Extraterrestrial Life is the alien looking guy. He goes in and out of character and it's kinda hilarious. I wonder if Quack was watching Zipang for ideas in Chikara cause you can see a lot of the comedy wrestling stuff that is popular today in this match. Yoshida and Adachi work the ropes surprisingly well for a Z level Japanese indie. Interesting match to watch for sure.

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I actually watched this match with Asian Cooger (Kuuga) in Osaka tonight. My friend Sara and Tani-yan (not pictured) were delighted by it. Kuuga totally no-sold the fact that I had dug up an old ZIPANG match and put it on my iPad. That made me feel equal parts let down, and pleased.


I can't imagine anything much more fun than watching this match in those circumstances.



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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-07-19-Zipang] Adachi & Asian Cougar & Masked Falcon vs Heaven & Extraterrestrial Life & Yoshida
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So you have five humans and an extra-terrestrial who is carried to the ring on a stretcher and comes to life?  Took a punt on this after enjoying the Taro/Consoladole match and glad I did as ZIPANG is now two for two.  You get a bit of everything here; some wrestling, some flying and some comedy.  Cougar hits his crazy slingshot senton to the floor while we also get a dive train that begins with a double jump springboard plancha.  The Extraterrestrial finishes the train which gets a great response from the audience as he tends to move in his own unique way the majority of the time!  Adachi (who made the biggest impression on me) picks up the win for his team, tying up the Extraterrestrial in a submission hold and forcing him to submit after he’d been the recipient of a Falcon powerbomb and a Cougar diving headbutt.  When you watch something and end up with a smile on your face you know it was a good choice.

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