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[2000-07-20-IWRG] Silver King & El Dandy & Super Parka vs Blue Panther & Mosco de la Merced & Super Crazy


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Solid first fall with Panther being the ring leader of the rudos. He pretty systematically takes care of Dandy with the highlight being Dandy firing off at Panther with punches and Panther casually but forcefully grapevining his leg to create too close a distance for him to get his punches off and that changing the tide. The falls ends off of a Crazy moonsault. Things are a little more hectic in the second fall with Panther going after Parka and Crazy stomping away at the leg of Dandy. Parka keeps making the rudos miss and makes them show ass in some funny spots. Dandy comes in doing a running limp and pissed off. King and Crazy also come in and have a fun as shit little sequence with each other. Everyone is flying in now with spots and Panther does a great sell job off of the comedy of Parka. The tecnicos end up taking the second fall and that was all we get. This is a really good match to watch in the confines of 2000 WOTY consideration. Panther is becoming a WOTYC and while this certainly isn’t a highlight for him, he did show some effort here and a 3rd caida on the same level as the first two would have resulted in a good match. If that is the floor of your resume for an entire, that is pretty impressive.



Edit: We did get the third fall and it raised this overall a good bit from a good but functionary six man into something more. Panther was a complete asshole in the third fall really going after Parka and Dandy probably turned in his best performance of the year in this fall. This fall really set the stage for some big time feuds in the future mainly Super Parka and Panther in a marquee singles match. ***1/2 (6.9)

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I often criticise Blue Panther for his rudo performances but I thought he singlehandedly raised the level of this bout compared to the past few IWRG matches. He's clearly having a great year and looks to me to be one of the top 10 workers in Mexico at this point. I'm not a fan of mask ripping in lucha but I have to admit it was pretty cool how Panther had Parka in a hold while he did it. We got glimpses of Dandy vs. Panther, which isn't a matchup you see a lot of, but the real triumph here was that Panther got me interested in seeing a match with Parka. The last time I remember that happening was when he Volador and feuding with Fuerza. If you(re a Panther fan check this out.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-07-20-IWRG] Silver King & El Dandy & Super Parka vs Blue Panther & Mosco de la Merced & Super Crazy

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