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[2000-07-05-AAA-Triplemania in Japan] Oscar Sevilla vs Gran Apache


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This was some Tirantes bullshit away from being a great match. As it is, both of these guys continue to have wonderful chemistry each other with Apache dishing out a beating and Sevilla being the better Tarzan Boy than Tarzan Boy in 2000. Some of the nearfalls Oscar created here was excellent with the highlight being the code red off the middle rope. Tirantes is awful and slow counting but at least in Japan it still seems novel and gets a reaction. Apache ends up winning and in a fun moment, he goads a couple of ladies into kissing him as he heads to the back. ***1/2 (7.2)

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The audience no selling Arturo Rivera's commentary was funny. He stopped after a couple minutes. Yeah the Tirantes stuff kinda ruined this.The crowd was booing hard the first couple times he did it and then stopped caring. Apache was pretty good in this and Oscar seemed to have a hard time with his tie. Good exibition match without the Tirantes antics.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-07-05-AAA-Triplemania in Japan] Oscar Sevilla vs Gran Apache

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