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[2000-07-23-Monterrey] Super Parka & Antifaz del Norte & Felino & Mr Niebla vs Dr Wagner Jr & Silver King & El Dandy & Bestia Salvaje


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This match is up there with my favorite Monterrey stuff of the year not including Panther and Santo. You had a majestic heel beatdown with Dandy being vicious with his little punches and really going after Antifaz. In addition, the comedy that was mixed in here with the referee doing the dive and the other spots were well done and placed. Nearfalls with Antifaz doing his comeback were well timed and the double knockout headbutt was excellent in the finishing stretch leading to Dandy picking up the win while being knocked out. ***3/4 (7.7)

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This was a solid match. I didn't mind the comedy too much as this was a house show for these guys and they were taking it easy. Dandy vs. Antifaz provided some decent narrative thrust although Dandy somehow managed to be the least charismatic of the rudos. It was obvious during the comedy spots that he wasn't as flamboyant or outgoing as the other rudos. What helped this bout was having a stronger tecnico unit than usual, I also loved that spot where the ref did a tope and the old guy with the potbelly and the cowboy hat who had to get out of the way of the dive train. This is the type of match that would disappoint if you were scrolling through match lists and found all these names together in the same match but from a house show point of view it was reasonably entertaining.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-07-23-Monterrey] Super Parka & Antifaz del Norte & Felino & Mr Niebla vs Dr Wagner Jr & Silver King & El Dandy & Bestia Salvaje

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