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[2000-07-29-Toryumon] Yasushi Kanda & Susumu Mochizuki vs Genki Horiguchi & Stalker Ichikawa


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Some good undercard Toryumon to show us M2K gelling as a team, Genki finding his legs still in his surfer gimmick and Stalker becomming more prominent as not just a comedy gimmick. I like the way M2K is vicious in their offense and utilizes their rocket scooters. The other impressive thing about them is the fact that they work together as a team to swarm the opponents. They don't give much room at all for Genki and Stalker to breath. The Stalker comedy spots spliced into this got a great reaction and he really is a sympathetic character that in life ends up with the wrong crowd in Crazy Max. *** (6.1)


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Both Kanda and Mochizuki looked good in this one, particularly Kanda. Really liked the snap to his offense and the way he controlled things. Especially loved his interactions with Stalker, who is fantastic in this role. Perfect blend of underdog spark plug and comedy enough to be believable but also inevitable that he will take these beatings. Really good match with a nice conclusive ending. I thought it was about on par with the other tag from this show.



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This is probably the best straight up Toryumon tag match we've seen. Stalker is becoming a true revelation in this project. He's far from a great worker, but his comedy is so well timed and minimized, plus he's great as a sympathetic babyface and even though you know he's not going to pull of the upset, he still brings a way to make you believe it may actually happen. Everyone else was good in this too. I dug how Genki was able to pull off the Beach Break when he was getting tossed over Kanda and it looked like they had messed up the spot. Good stuff.



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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-07-29-Toryumon] Yasushi Kanda & Susumu Mochizuki vs Genki Horiguchi & Stalker Ichikawa

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