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Between the Sheets #111 (August 30-September 5, 1992)


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Kris & David are guestless this week discussing the week that was August 30-September 5, 1992. We talk about Ric Flair regaining the WWF Title as well as the end of the Road Warriors for a while. We also talk about the beginning of the New Japan/WAR relationship, promotional wars in Mexico, WWF & USWA beginning their relationship, Dallas promotional wars, and a great WCW section talking all things Clash XX. This show was a complete blast so listen now!!!!!!!!



0:00:00 WWF
0:43:59 Japan (AJPW, NJPW, FMW, PWFG, ULL, UWFI, AJW) & CWA
1:16:37 Classic Commercial Break
1:18:28 Housekeeping & The Amazon Game
1:54:06 Latin America: AAA, EMLL, UWA, & WWC
2:27:21 U.S. Indies: WWA, ICWA, SMW, USWA, Big D, GWF, Von Erichs, WWA (Mora), & Crockett
3:31:08 WCW


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Jason Campbell's site says The Starchaser was Paul Diamond, doing double-duty. Now I wonder if he wore the Max Moon gear.


The Hornet in this case was a big musclehead named Ron Oakes. This was one of the more brazen USWA ripoffs as they had a segment with Lawler bringing up Sting directly when talking about how facepaint helped him.


As for the Russian Unified Team...I searched around on WrestlingClassics and somebody else asking about their identities was...Tony Myers. Well, if Tony of all people doesn't know, I don't know if there's an answer to be had online.

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I believe I screwed up the Bud Licious picture. As you can barely find anything for those guys you have to take whatever you find, an on KFM one person noted that "he wrestled Phil Collins" , as you can see in the Wrestlecrap entry. So I thought he was a generic Warrior clone who couldn't wrestle a lick. But he was the stunt double. A rather avoidable error :-/

These are the mistakes that happen when you don't really watch wrestling and just read/listen it +95% of the time. But you find things like the obituary for Drifter Ripper which identifies Drifter Nomad in the process.

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It was hilarious though


I have no problem with that, you won't be able to improve otherwise. So you have to be grateful in a way.

What I never really can understand is how lazy people are. Nobody ever thought to listen to (shoot) interviews and inform us or Cagematch (or OWW in the old days) about things like debut matches. I believe I was looking up Loranger for some reason and came up with this hypothesis


"10/8/84 Lake Charles, LA @ Civic Center

The Midnight Express beat The Fantastics


This is probably the card where Shawn Michaels debuted and lost to Art Crews"


Now this entry was from David Baker's list for Watts and I certainly don't ever want to complain about him. But nobody else could be arsed to connect the dots on that one? That is so lazy it is almost pathetic.


Please everybody, continue to complain about our mistakes so that they can be corrected.

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Now that the Packers won their first game, I can relax and give my appreciation to Killer Kris and Bad News Bix.

It's not the first time I thanked you for choosing these mystical years. '84 - 1994


Thanks again and have you ever thought of reviewing the audio of that St. Louis promoters associate. You probably mentioned something during Vince takeover. It's either St. Louis or Kansas City.

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I enjoyed the audio to the TBS Wrestling Gala! I remember watching that like it was yesterday. I was so excited to see Andre on TBS, but also very sad to see his condition. At 9 and a half years old, I didn't recognize Barnett or Herd. I need to go re-watch the video. Bruno had his agenda, he should have helped Verne Gagne with their bland wrestling dreams. But of course by 92 there really was no AWA.

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