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[1994-06-14-Kitao Pro] Masanobu Kurisu vs Takashi Okamura


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YEAH~~! I cannot express how perfect Kurisu is on this card. Okamura is the next ultra-green reckless kicker from Kitao's Dojo and nowhere near as on-point as Mochizuki. This goes exactly how you imagine it to go from how it looks on paper: Okamura recklessly kicking Kurisu in the face a bunch of times, and Kurisu Kurisu'ing the fuck out Okamura. Because this fed is quasi-shootstyle, there's no brawling or chairs, so instead Kurisu mainly focusses on stomping and headbutting Okamura into a coma. Kurisu has about the most god awful stomps on film, as he puts the boots to Okamura's head, ears, and neck. To make things worse, Okamura even increases the trainwreck potential by blowing stuff and even trying a spin kick from the second rope. It eventually resolves into Kurisu almost popping Okamura's knee with a twisted Single Leg Crab. This match was ugly, grotesque, primitive, and fun as hell.

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Ah, the joy of Kitao Pro and a handshake refusal leading to a slap to the face and a match turning into a brawl five seconds in. Kurisu may just be the most straightforwardly brutal wrestler ever. When you think about it pro wrestling rules are incredibly lenient, really the closest thing to a street fight it gets in a "sporting" contest. Kurisu fights like someone who could rob you, but also as an experienced veteran who will use the tricks he's learned in the ring to beat the crap out of a young karateka. Okamura has nice kicks and throws lots of them, and the only moments of him putting Kurisu in peril come when they land on the head. Kurisu showcases amazing futuristic selling-a head kick landing is not a guarantee he will sell it, but it landing is a necessity for him to sell it-and the seemingly random selling correlates well with the fact the flashiest kicks are not always the one that cause the most damage. Kurisu expertly utilizes the ropes to trap Okumura and violently violate him-unloading with slaps and brutal headbutts is a given, but he stomps the poor guy on the back of the head and at one point even starts busting out Jon Jones elbows from the clinch. Okamura runs away from him and tries to avoid groundfigting as much as he can, but it is to no avail, as Kurisu eventually gets a hold of him and continues the destruction. ****

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Sloppy, reckless, violent, wonderful little mess. I don't know if Okamura had even offered to shake Kurisu's hand at the start or not but Kurisu just marched up to him and slapped the boy across the face. Okamura can't have been wrestling long at this point. He's green as goose shit but it adds to the chaos as he's just letting loose with wild spin kicks and axe kicks and landing all awkwardly on everything. Kurisu murders him severely. Once or twice it looked like Okamura caught him flush in the face with a high kick, but no, Kurisu wasn't interested and headbutted him repeatedly in the ear. There can't have been many things more hellish to be on the receiving end of than Kurisu's stomps. Fucking hell he was trying to give this kid brain damage. FUTEN stomps to the back of the head, stomps to the ear, the face, the throat, back of the neck. It didn't matter how Okamura tried to cover up, he was getting stood on and it was going to suck. The half crab at the end was about as nasty as you'll see as Kurisu applied it with zero regard for the angle Okamura's knee. Either he's turning onto his front or his ACL will never be the same again.
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  • GSR changed the title to [1994-06-14-Kitao Pro] Masanobu Kurisu vs Takashi Okamura

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