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[2017-07-02-WAVE] Ryo Mizunami vs Rina Yamashita

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This is the title match that Yamashita received after winning this year's edition of WAVE's Catch the WAVE tournament. These two have had a rivalry that goes back the last couple of years to when Yamashita made her debut with the company which was around the same time that Mizunami made her return from being out over a year with an injury. After taking the first minutes or so to exchange holds, this turns right into what you think that it would be, a slugfest. These two spend most of the match running into one another in super physical ways. Both of them sell the toll of the match tremendously, this isn't your typical Japanese "Strong Style" match where both wrestlers beat the hell out of each other then "hulk up" for the finishing run. This match is more about trying to out last your opponent while nailing her with a hard enough shot to put her down for good. Fantastic match! Another one to add to the sizable list of great matches that both of these women have had this year. ****1/4

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