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[2000-08-17-IWRG] Villano III & Villano IV & Villano V vs El Dandy & Silver King & Dr Wagner Jr


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The primera has one of our better heel beatdowns we have seen. Silver King and Wagner are especially nasty with cheapshots and short rabbit punches neutralizing all three Villanos. The Villanos of course come back in segunda and I’ll never tire of III hulking up and Silver King mugging in the process. The rudos are really reeling when the Villanos get on the same page. They win on a cool triple roll up. Third fall continues the pace of back and forth and I like the continuity of Wagner and Villano fake fouling and fouling each other throughout different promotions. This time Wagner does foul III and gets the pin. Please tell me this leads to an apuestas. ***1/4 (6.6)

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Oh c'mon, this has to be good, doesn't it? In typical lucha fashion, I'm confused about what's going on. Weren't Silver King and El Dandy tecnicos the last time we saw them in IWRG and weren't the Villanos rudos? Ah well, it doesn't matter. One good thing about the year 2000 is the amount of Villanos trios matches there are after years of them being in the wilderness after the UWA folded. The first fall is an extended beatdown. It's longer than your average beatdown -- more of a measured beatdown than a vicious one. Nothing remarkable happens but it's controlled and they keep a steady pace. Dandy is much better here than in Monterrey. The VIllanos don't work hard enough for their comeback but offensively they're a polished unit. The third fall was all right but it wasn't until Wagner and Villano III squared off that the stakes felt right and then the foul bullshit happened. Provided this is leading somewhere this gets a pass as a first chapter but it wasn't great on its own.

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Watching these Villanos matches, it's obvious that the Villanos were better as rudos than tecnicos. Especially IV and V. Villano III isn't bad as a tecnico. Anyways, this was alright. The Wagner bros owned this between Silver King's stooging and Wagner continuing his tradition of awesome low blows to Villano III.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-08-17-IWRG] Villano III & Villano IV & Villano V vs El Dandy & Silver King & Dr Wagner Jr

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