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[2000-08-17-WWF-Smackdown] Jeff Hardy & D-Von Dudley vs Edge & Christian


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They give the crowd some pleasing spots with D-Von and Jeff on the same page. Edge and Christian are bumbling around taking all their signature moves. This quickly turns to miscommunication when Jeff lands on D-Von and it just sets up an angle for dissension between the Hardys and Dudleys. Effective but forgettable. At least they were smart enough to pop the crowd a few times.



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Catchphrase-tastic promo from E&C ti start things off. The match here is mostly angle to show the Dudleyz and Hardyz briefly being on the same page, using each other's tandem moves, but unable to keep things together. Just a small, but effective, bit of forward movement in the build.

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TLC is now official for Summerslam, however Edge & Christian think that it’s a “heinosity” what Mick Foley has done to them and as far as they’re concerned ‘TLC’ stands for ‘Totally Lacking Coolness’!  It’s such a “heinosity” that they’re not even giving us a five second pose tonight.  We get a brief recap from Raw where Christian gave Matt Hardy the ‘tomokaze’ onto a chair and then E&C gave Bubba a ‘conchairto’, putting both out of action for this evening and leading to Jeff teaming up with D-Von to take on the tag team champions.  Match goes less than two minutes although Jeff and D-Von show some good team work in hitting signature spots like ‘Poetry in Motion’ and the ‘Wassup’.  Christian kicks Jeff low to stop their momentum but Edge then gets caught with a dropkick as he comes off the middle.  D-Von takes it to the champs until walking into a spear.  Jeff with a swanton bomb to break up the cover, however Edge sees it coming, moves out the way and he accidentally hits D-Von instead.  Christian tosses Jeff to the floor, Edge re-covers D-Von and the champions retain.  Jeff tries to apologise to D-Von but he wants no part of it, the Hardyz and Dudley’s coming to blows as E&C watch on laughing from the entrance way.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-08-17-WWF-Smackdown] Jeff Hardy & D-Von Dudley vs Edge & Christian

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