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[2000-08-22-CMLL] Fuerza Guerrera & Black Warrior & Blue Panther vs Emilio Charles Jr & Lizmark Jr & Tony Rivera


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A pretty grizzled tecnicos team here. The tecnicos have good energy and Tony Rivera looks more scuzzy by the day. I’m glad to see Emilio showing more fire lately as he has gotten back to his mid 90’s era here just beating people up. The third fall has Fuerza doing a great quick foul that the replay has to pick up. What an ass. I live for Black Warrior topes and he flies through the air against Emilio. Inside, Fuerza hits an elbow and Panther does a hurty submission on Lizmark to secure the win. For nondescript Arena Coliseo action, this was slightly above average. **3/4

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I really like the energy of the tecnico team in the first fall. Fuerza takes an insane bump off a monkey flip from Lizmark, flying from one side of the ring to the other. Emilio looks pretty spry finishing the fall with a textbook rana. Second fall is good action and Fuerza executes an awesome low-blow in mid-move to steal the fall. Fuerza takes it to Rivera and Rivera valiantly fights back only to take more punishment. A Black Warrior and Charles standoff leads to a great right hand from Charles and a 100 mph tope by Warrior. Yet another foul by Fuerza steals the match.



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I wish they had shown this in full since the crowd was so hot in the final fall. Tony Rivera seemed popular with the tecnico fans who were in full voice for this one. Usually, they're drowned out by the rudo fans and their bells but this time there were large "Tony!" chants ringing through Coliseo. I was just happy to see Lizmark working with Blue Panther and Fuerza Guerrera. It's a shame his health prevented him from working the maestro circuit. I can only imagine how great some of his work could have been in the indies There was nothing remarkable about the match to start with but it really started rocking in the tercera and ended up being thoroughly entertaining. They should have brought all these guys back the following week.


Btw, I loved how that guy got out of his seat for the Black Warrior tope and then got a full on side view of it. That tope really is one of the best in the business.

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Always love when Tony Rivera shoots off his gun during the entrance. Lizmark/Panther looks so alike with their ring gear it's distracting. Fun match with Rivera getting bloody and a great Warrior tope. I feel bad for Rivera as he was lost in the shuffle doing a gimmick like Tarzan boy. Fuerza finding new ways to hit guys in the balls is never not entertaining. Fun match.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-08-22-CMLL] Fuerza Guerrera & Black Warrior & Blue Panther vs Emilio Charles Jr & Lizmark Jr & Tony Rivera

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