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[2000-08-22-Monterrey] El Hijo del Santo & La Parka & Silver Star vs El Dandy & Arandu & Silver King


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This may have suffered from coming at the end of a pretty big lucha block the past couple of days. I thought the action was good but everything was a slight step off which hurt things a bit. There is also some weird clipping that always derails the momentum. Santo was the most smooth throughout and brought the most hate when he fires off on the outside on the third fall. This was probably Silver King’s worst performance of 2000 as he didn’t bring much energy at all and was more sloppy than usual. Ref bump was eye rolling. Antifaz Del Norte comes out and attacks Dandy with Dandy blading from being hit with the board. Dandy and the rudos are awarded the DQ win. *** (5.9)

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The clipping made this hard to kind of sink into. Some nice paced sequences between Parka and Dandy kind of hold this together in between all the other action. I really liked Dandy's performance in this as the match kind of wanders but he really comes off well. The action picks up, really, with the beatdown on Dandy to end the match. It's quite a mauling and Dandy is quite sympathetic as he takes weapon shots and even a whole case of beer over his bleeding head. I liked the angle.



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This felt like they were commentating over the top of a handheld. Dandy vs. Parka sure is a hell of a lot more interesting than Dandy vs. Antifaz. In fact, their work was so good it was one of my favorite match-ups all month. I was kind of pissed when Antifaz did a run in at the end but by Gawd did he beat the shit out of Dandy. It's rare to see a tecnico take it to a rudo like that. Dandy was a mess and had to be stretchered out. Kind of bemusing considering how little heat their earlier work had but at least it was memorable. I really wanted Parka vs. Dandy, though.

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The Dandy/Parka stuff in the first fall was so great. Like two bulls locking horns and slapping the hell out of each other. Silver King stooging for Santo is always a delight. Speaking of Santo, him hitting his partner during his "roll and dive" spot and then diving onto Arandu and the camera missing it was great. Dandy gets beat up bad, so bad I almost feel bad for him. Good match.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-08-22-Monterrey] El Hijo del Santo & La Parka & Silver Star vs El Dandy & Arandu & Silver King

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