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[2000-08-24-WWF-Smackdown] Matt & Jeff Hardy & Chris Jericho vs Chris Benoit & Edge & Christian


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Jericho does one of his more memorable and classic promos where he inserts Benoit’s face onto different situations including a jackass. Benoit comes out all serious and presents a picture of his own with Jericho in the crossface. E&C come out for the six man and they have a dig at Ricky Williams and his fumble. The New Orleans Saints in the front row do not look amused. Quick match but a way to preview what is coming up on Sunday. I did like the chair being thwarted by the Hardy’s as it felt like E&C had gotten the upper hand for most of the build. E&C do remain on top as the segment ends against the Hardy’s with E&C hitting a chair against a ladder. The Dudley Boyz come out and hit the wassup drop on Christian. Matt Hardy recovers and dives onto everyone on the outside. Meanwhile, Jericho/Benoit are brawling and eventually both go through the table. These two feuds along with the main event carried the SummerSlam build. *1/2

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Chris Jericho says that over the last month he has developed an intense hatred for Chris Benoit and he can’t wait for Summerslam where he’ll get the chance to settle their differences in a two out of three falls match.  Y2J then recites a poem about ‘the Crippler’ while at the same time showing a bunch of badly photo shopped pictures of him on the big screen.  I found this all pretty lame but Michael Cole was laughing heartily at it all.  Benoit walks out, mockingly clapping what he just heard/saw and has a photo of his own, one of Jericho trapped in the crossface before promising to prove both tonight, and at Summerslam, that he’s the best wrestler in the WWF.

Christian knows that the people here in Louisiana are putting down their alligator legs in anticipation for one of their five second poses, but explains that there will be no pose now until after Summerslam where, on retaining their tag team championship, they will unveil a new monumental 37 second pose!  Jeff lands on his feet after a backdrop and dropkicks Christian in the mush.  Tag to his brother and both drop the leg, Matt coming off the middle rope.  Christian catches a swinging arm and then flattens Matt with a reverse DDT.  Running elbow smash by Benoit for a two count.  Edge telegraphs his backdrop attempt and Matt with a spinning DDT.  Lots of quick tags in the opening minute or so with everyone getting involved.  Flying forearm by Jericho who then nails ‘the Crippler’ on the apron and goes to do the same to Christian only for him to grab hold of him.  Edge charges, however Y2J moves and he goes crashing into his own partner instead sending him sprawling to the floor.  Jericho with a schoolboy, that brings in Benoit and he’s soon followed by everyone else as Mike Chioda has lost all control.  Christian passes Edge a chair but Jeff jumps off Matt’s back and dropkicks it into his face.  Enziguiri by Y2J to Benoit, Lionsault on Edge and the Hardyz and he get the win.  The actions continues after the bell and we get a pre-cursor to Summerslam with the Dudley’s running out to attack E&C.  Matt leaps from a ladder in the ring to the outside onto everyone, while inside Benoit and Jericho tumble from the top turnbuckle and through a table that the Dudley’s had previously just set up.

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