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[2000-09-03-JWP] Azumi Hyuga & Commando Bolshoi vs Reggie Bennett & Mizaki Kana


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I kind of poked fun of Jd’ earlier for the sparse crowd in Korakuen and this is even worse effort from JWP. That is a shame as the tag match was really fun. Hyuga and Commando are a good team and Commando not understanding her size is always amusing especially in this match when she takes the fight to Reggie. Reggie was the most impressive member of her team as she provided a nice power base but also fed into the highpoints of Hyuga and Commando. There is something satisfying about the time and work of JWP matches to me. Hyuga picks up a strong win. ***1/2 (7.2)

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This was a solid match marred by the usual boring Samurai TV commentary. Man, do they ever drone on. I ended up having to turn the sound off to appreciate the action more. We know Hyuga and Bolshoi are good workers but the one that impressed me most was Bennett. That girl could work. Really great agility for a woman her size. She looked in control the whole time and came across as highly talented. Kana wasnt bad either but Reggie was the standout.

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Man that might be the smallest crowd i've seen at the hall. That was just sad. The match was good mostly thanks to Reggie. She was real impressive using her size and doing the big power moves. I have no idea what the post matchwas about but it was emotional for Bolshoi. That woman never ages.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-09-03-JWP] Azumi Hyuga & Commando Bolshoi vs Reggie Bennett & Mizaki Kana

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