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[1989-04-02-WWF-Wrestlemania V] Ultimate Warrior vs Rick Rude

Superstar Sleeze

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WWF Intercontinental Champion Ultimate Warrior vs Rick Rude - Wrestlemania V


If there are two things that go together in wrestling it is Rick Rude and Warrior. I gotta say Warrior ain't the greatest but at least he brings a ton of energy to the ring. Warrior coming in like a whirlwind and Rude kneeing the belt was funny. Rude was a ready and willing bumper. That is what Warrior needs. Warrior just crushed him with whips, tackles and clotheslines. The tackles towards the end looked really good. The bearhug was fine first time second time was pointless. The eyepoke/missile dropkick was a great, great heel hope spot. Warrior splash eats knees and finally slows down the Warrior. Pilederive for two but can't complete hip swivel. God bless Rick Rude. Warrior misses charge, Rude Awakening but Warrior blocks. They do the famous Heenan trips and holds foot for three.


Loved how chaotic this felt because Warrior is just this ball of unstoppable energy. Give me this over well-rehearsed gymnastics routines anytime. Rude was foreshadowing 1992 as a superworker here as an excellent heel in a bump 'n' run match but with the offense to match. ****

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Rude bumping around Warrior might be one of the best things ever. Rude really went out of his way to make Warrior look like a million bucks. Fair play to Warrior, other than his bear hugs, he really lays in his offense. Good clothesline, hard throws, and big power spots. Simple clever finish that makes both guys look great.



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I've seen this touted as one of Warrior's best matches, but I thought it was just okay. Rude bumps his ass off trying to make Warrior look like a killer, but Warrior kills the match by locking in bearhug and keeping it locked in for a good few minutes. Rude tries to escape by poking the eyes, but the referee stops him. Rude finally escapes by biting the roided-up homophobe, and he returns the favour. The finish of Heenan pulling Warrior's leg down was smart, but poorly executed as Warrior's leg was clearly still on the ropes. All the working parts from Heenan to Rude to even the referee did their job of stopping Warrior from stinking up the place.


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