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[1987-08-22-WWF-MSG, NY] Honky Tonk Man vs Ricky Steamboat (Lumberjack)

Superstar Sleeze

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WWF Intercontinental Champion Honky Tonk Man vs Ricky Steamboat - MSG 8/22/87 Lumberjack


I figured I should watch at least one full-length Honky Tonk Man match in my life (correction: I have seen the Savage SNME match that leads to the MegaPowers forming so I guess this number two). This seems like his most critically acclaimed match and I have to admit this is a pretty damn good way to spend about 15 minutes. Highly entertaining. Honky Tonk feels like an overpushed jobber. Like if they gave Heath Slater the IC or US title and let him run with it. I think Slater is horribly underutilized and would shine. My point is that Slater's value is in bumping and stooging. That's Honky Tonk's value. Tremendous shine. Big smile the whole time. I loved Steamboat skinning the cat so fast the heels couldn't get him. While Honky was desperately trying to find a way out, but kept being held up at the apron and getting throttled. Steamboat giving chase into the lumberjacks were great. The bumping by Honky Tonk in the ring made each Steamboat cover feel huge. The Islanders trip Steamboat so Animal Steele trips Honky Tonk to a huge pop! Love it! Honky blocks a monkey flip and Steamer does a huge sell. Honky does not do much for me on offense. Steamboat really roared back with his comeback. Had some really good strong nearfalls. Jimmy Hart distracts the ref and Steele comes in counts for Steamboat. Raises his hand. Steamboat decks the Mouth of the South. In the fracas, Honky gets the megaphone and knocks out Steamboat to retain. All in all, really fun match especially the beginning when Honky Tonk was a total ham and Steamboat was on fire. The end was good wrestling theatre. ***3/4

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