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[2017-10-17-Stardom] Yoko Bito vs Takumi Iroha


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Wonder of Stardom Championship: Yoko Bito © vs. Takumi Iroha


It was refreshing to see Iroha work a 'high drama' style match, and it felt like a return to form for her. The action was great for the most part; they managed to keep things fresh for the 30-minute draw. I didn't think the B Driver near-falls were as effective as they could have been, Bito doesn't put that certain 'finality' into the move. Iroha on the other hand was doing a fine job of that. A good match, but there were a couple of things that prevented it from being great. ***1/2

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Iroha has the outsider look down with her big Marvelous banner and her WAVE tag title belt. The weakest part of the match was the start where they made it a little too obvious that they were going to go the full thirty minutes. While the body part work in the early going was well done, it didn't really play a part in the match in the later going either. Still, as a whole match, I thought that this match had a better layout and pace than the Io Shirai/Toni Storm match from earlier in the year. Particularly the finishing stretch as they made it seem as though either was ripe to be finish off but question was could either one muster together enough strength to put the other away. While the match has a couple of nagging flaws the performances from each woman was enough to lift this match up to being one of the better ones this year. ****1/4

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