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[2017-10-18-Lucha Underground-TV] Cage vs Jeremiah Crane vs Mil Muertes


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Mil Muertes vs Brian Cage vs Jeremiah Crane - Lucha Underground 10/18/17

Jeremiah Crane is Sami Callihan for those keeping score at home. This is for the Gauntlet of the Gods think Thanos' Gauntlet from Infinity Wars. It is unclear what powers it imbues its holder with, but these three damn sure want it. They have each stolen it from the other. I think Cage is the rightfully owner. 

This is fine highspot wrestling. It does not go to the gross out extreme of Killshot and Dante Fox except one moment where Callihan JAMS a fistful of skewers into the head of Cage. He did look like a Porcupine like Striker said but it undermine the moment a bit. I mean they were JAMMED in there. Then he DDT's on his head with them in there. One stuck and Jesus. Watching the blood pour from the top of Cage's head was sick. Lets see what else was memorable. Callihan loves slapping on his kicks. He had a good run. I really popped for Mil just Chokeslamming the shit out of him. Callihan is very readily loathsome and odious so always nice to see him get smoked. Vamp says Callihan should try to win when he has a chance, but he dawdles. He eats a couple dives to the outside. A couple minutes later, he is scoring an 11 on the Muta Scale. Well alright then!

Mil goes through a pane of glass. Well because. His arm is all cut up. I did like Cage hitting his cool suplex on Callihan through Mil on a table on the floor. Cage hit his finish and eliminates Callihan. Yay! Cage and Mil have a more down to earth pro wrestling match very short. Callihan hits the ring and chairshots Cage, who shrugs it off and Cage FUCKING SMOKES HIM WITH A DISCUS PUNCH! WOW! That was awesome! Cage goes for that against Mil, but Mil sends him STRAIGHT TO HELL ON A CHAIR! 1-2-3! He wins the Gauntlet. Catrina, with bitchin' wavy, big hair, gets the Gauntlet and gives to Mil. King Cuerno returns after a Season off to avenge his loss from last season and steals the Gauntlet and it begins anew. This was alright. Kinda boring honestly besides the highspots, but they were cheap heat highspots, I will say the Skewer was creative but very sickening. ***1/4

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