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[2017-10-18-Lucha Underground-TV] Prince Puma vs Pentagon Dark


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Mundo vs. Puma felt like the perfect culmination to their rivalry, but this match right here felt like the perfect culmination to Lucha Underground as a whole up to now. Prince Puma, the first champion of the company, the face of the company, THE man of the company from the 1st episode on going against the fan favorite, the absolute killer that is Pentagon DARK. Just after the match vs. Mundo where he gave his all to save his career & win that title he built. Right when the bell rang this reminded me why LU is the coolest goddamn thing in wrestling when done right - the fans were screaming the signature warcry of Pentagon; "CERO MIEDO! " as the tired & wounded, supposed to be the face of the company Prince Puma fought against him. The commentary by Matt Striker & Vampiro was excellent throughout the whole thing too - Striker brought the emotion while Vampiro brought the storytelling element of his character. Excellent stuff by them. Puma got some really great hope spots & comebacks in (that Benadryller nearfall was so great), but ultimately Pentagon won & so the story of him, Vampiro, Prince Puma & LU as a whole came to an epic climax. Magical stuff. Truly felt like something that had been building since the 1st episode. ****1/2

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Lucha Underground Champion Prince Puma vs Pentagon Dark - Lucha Underground 10/18/17

CERO MIEDO! I have a soft spot for Pentagon even though his match are totally bereft of psychology, he has a cool look and even cooler catchphrase! CERO MIEDO!

I thought this was good but never really hooked me. They start off with a couple dives and then Pentagon breaks Puma's arm, which is his main gimmick. They do a good job selling this, milking it, Puma wraps some tape around it. He does try to incorporate the selling as best he can. Again, there is no strong sense of momentum. It is just trading highspots, nice highspots, but no connective tissue. Pentagon goes for a Canadian Destroyer, but Puma hits his own. Then he hits what I think is the recoil kick. It is that stupid move where he rests the opponent on his feet from a Fireman's Carry to kick him in the head. Eye-Roll. He goes for the 630, predictably Vampiro turns on him, he pulls Pentagon out of the way of the 630. Pentagon hits what I think is Schwing! Then the Package Piledriver for the win. The stuff between the arm break and the finish run was not very memorable. Honestly, they best part was the nuclear crowd heat. Pentagon is fucking over! I saw some of his 2018 Lucha Underground, the dude was over as anyone has been since 2001. He is scary over. There is something about watching Pentagon in The Temple doing his thing thats always fun even if the match could be better. ***

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