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[2000-01-23-WXO-TV] Scoot Andrews vs Hack Myers


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I'm suddenly wondering if Hack Myers was always awesome and it just somehow eluded me and just about everyone else because he looks pretty great here while this lasts. These two worked a sprint with Myers doing an amazing Northern Lights suplex and showing some really great fundamentals. I've liked Scoot, and he held his own, but he was pretty much along for the ride here. There's little I hate more in wrestling than someone getting a monster push coming in and destroying both guys having a match, and in this case, Dan Severn, gets to do that, cutting short what was developing into something really good.

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Hack looks unrecognizable to when he was in ECW; in fact he looks younger here than he did five years ago. Scoot Andrews is going solely by the ‘Back Nature Boy’ name, which leads to Chris Cruise and Stan Lane talking about how Stan is the only wrestler to have been trained by Ric Flair. Hack with a standing side headlock, Scoot shoots him off and a hip toss followed by a dropkick. Flying crossbody for two. Knee to the mid-section by Myers, he whips Scoot into the turnbuckles, only to run into a back elbow. As the ‘BNB’ rushes him, Hack with a scoop powerslam for two. Running elbow smash for another near fall, and as Myers complains to the official about the count, Scoot schoolboys him for a two of his own. A big left drops Andrews, Hack with another whip to the corner, however as he charges, the ‘Black Nature Boy’ moves out the way and he crashes into the turnbuckles. Legdrop off the top doesn’t connect and Scoot kicks out of the ‘Rude Awakening’ neckbreaker. Northern Light suplex still can’t put his opponent away. As Hack is choking him in the corner, out to the ring walks Dan Severn. The camera cuts backstage to Barry Darsow (in Blacktop Bully guise) telling ‘Al’ that Dan Severn is in the ring and he better get out there and get him “show him you’re not a jabroni!”. The match itself is a no-contest as Severn takes out Myers with a reverse guillotine choke and then slaps a Fujiwara armbar on Scoot. ‘Al’ is a masked Al Greene (I thought he was under contract to WCW at this point?) and he’s taken the Bully’s advice, but immediately gets speared and put in a kneebar/heel hook submission.


Okay action, but it never felt as though it was going anywhere and the appearance of Severn and subsequent non-finish to the match explains why. I’m guessing they’re pushing ‘the Beast’ as an MMA killer, and although he made all three men here ‘tap’, only the Fujiwara armbar looked anywhere near effective. The other two submissions looked pretty weak with laughable selling and arm flapping from Myers and Greene.

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Watched this solely because of Loss pimping Hack's Northern Lights Suplex (a move I love) and came out really impressed with him in general. He moved around great, was bumping and selling big for Scoot when he had to and peppered in some nice little touches amongst the big hits. The Severn run in was a pretty lame ending but it did work in establishing him as your monster heel, even if he did look like he'd just walked out of 1998 WWF and into WXO.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-01-23-WXO-TV] Scoot Andrews vs Hack Myers

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