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[2001-03-14-UPW-When Worlds Collide] Prototype vs C.W. Anderson


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The Time is Now! Cena was around a year in and working a mechanic vs Anderson should give us a cool look at where he is at development wise. Commentating for UPW is an interesting mix of good tidbits and an offbeat delivery. It feels indie in a way but isn’t awful. Anderson hones in on the shoulder and arm of Prototype and that is the focal point of the match using armbars, punches to the arm and driving the shoulder into a chair in the corner. At least the commentators are wondering why the referee is just blatantly letting a chair hang out in the ring. Cena is able to give CW an atomic drop to the chair. Side slam with Cena flexing in the middle of it is an impressive strength feat. Cena is able to kick out of the spinebuster which surprised me. Right after that, Cena hits the Protobomb which he should still use to gain the win. Good first look at Cena. **

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Commentators won't shut the fuck up during the pre-match promo. It is. . . bizarre to see Cena like this looking back on it now. Equally funny/interesting is him doing a couple of shoulder tackles and then going for the pin instead of the five knuckle shuffle. He clearly was still working himself into smoother ring experience but he hung in here. Anderson was a nice measuring stick to put him against, worked well with him, made him look credible, and the two put together a solid match.



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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-09-13-UPW] The Prototype vs C.W. Anderson
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  • GSR changed the title to [2001-03-14-UPW-When World's Collide] The Prototype vs C.W. Anderson
  • GSR changed the title to [2001-03-14-UPW-When Worlds Collide] Prototype vs C.W. Anderson

Big Schwag has been doing the commentary with Doc Marley, but when Schwag goes to the ring to cut a promo he’s replaced on comms by Nova.  In what might be a first, while Schwag cuts his promo Marley and Nova talk over it constantly all the way through.  From what I was able to make out no-one in the back wanted to help him take out the “Homotype” so he went out and got himself an “enforcer” in C.W. Anderson. 

As annoying as Nova was at first, he’s great in explaining the tactics that both men are likely to employ here.  Prototype with a bad looking clothesline and an equally suspect looking flying shoulder tackle.  Anderson holds onto the ropes on the O’Connor Roll and floors Cena with a thrust kick.  Flying armbreaker, C.W. going after that arm just like Nova said he would.  A left hand drops Prototype, Anderson then hammerlocking the arm behind his back and stomping away at it.  Nova points out that he can’t do the Protobomb with only one arm.  Seriously, how can someone go from the dirt worst to bloody good so quickly?  Schwag passes C.W. a chair which he wedges between the turnbuckles before running Cena shoulder first into it.  Single arm reverse DDT.  He slaps on a seated armbar, the Prototype goes for the ropes but Schwag pulls them out of his reach.  It doesn’t really make a difference as the official orders the break anyway.  Anderson collects that chair, opening it out in the middle of the ring, however after a couple of reversals he ends up getting atomic dropped onto it.  The two men are on their knees trading blows as they work their way to their feet.  A pair of clotheslines by Prototype followed by a dropkick.  He picks Anderson up for a side slam, holding him with one hand while he draws his free one across his throat and flexes.  C.W. counters whatever it was he signalled for with the Ferris Wheel.  Prototype kicks out of the spinebuster, much to the shock of Nova especially who says that you just don’t kick out of that move.  He then ducks the swinging arm and hits the Protobomb for the win.

C.W. knew his role and was a model pro here.  Really liked the working over the arm and having him on top, controlling things, while Prototype sells the beating.  Prototype on offense isn’t great yet, although he can do the impressive power things like that one arm side slam and the Protobomb finisher.  Always interesting to see Cena so early in his career and track his development.  A note for Nova who, after the opening dirge, was exceptional on commentary.

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